David Beckham's Nespresso coffee machine is a staggering $750 – but it might be worth it, according to experts

Our experts reviewed the world-famous soccer player's coffee maker and it's so good

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Would you pay $750 for a coffee machine? Apparently, David Beckham would. The world-famous soccer player recently collaborated with Nespresso to advertise the brand's Vertuo Creatista model. This sleek, stainless steel machine is one of Nespresso's most luxurious single-serve coffee machines. While the features like a barista steam wand and 3 milk temperature and texture levels, it's clear the machine offers a top-tier experience, but we couldn't help but wonder: is the Vertuo Creatista worth it?

Luckily, H&G's resident coffee expert, Laura Honey, recently tested the Nespresso Vertuo Creatista, so we got the inside scoop on the machine. Laura has tested many of the best coffee makers of the year and she had so many thoughts on David Beckham's favorite model.

'It's no surprise that David Beckham loves this machine, they're both suave, slick, and incredible at what they do. If you like luxury, you’ll love this,' said Laura. 'Nespresso’s Creatista is one of the most exciting models they’ve ever released.

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Laura Honey

As an appliance aficionado and lover of language, Laura is at home eCommerce editing. Whether she's cathartically cleaning, mass baking, or gardening outside, she's always thinking about what products would be useful and helpful.

After graduating from Oxford University, Laura worked in luxury retail. Always an advocate for quality and style over quantity and fads, she's eager to lend a critical and considered perspective on what’s worth the investment. The secret to her heart is simplicity in products, in style and, of course, in your homes and gardens.  

In addition to her glowing Nespresso Vertuo Creatista review, Laura told us: 'I took the Creatista to our test kitchen as soon as Nespresso released it. Even though this is one of their more expensive models (of course, it’s David Beckham’s favorite), it’s one of their best.' She added, 'If you’re happy to splurge, I think it’s worth the investment.' Though $750 is a lot to spend on a coffee maker, several features set this one apart.

First, Laura told us that the machine offered a flawless brewing experience. She said: 'When I got around to making some coffee with it, this was close to faultless. My espressos were professional quality and packed with flavor. The milk texturing technology is some of the best I’ve tested on a single-serve coffee maker because it has sensors to auto-detect the weight of milk that you’re using and then the machine responds accordingly,' she added.

Secondarily, the beautiful machine will elevate the look of your coffee station. Laura said, 'The Creatista looks a little different to their normal designs because they partnered with another coffee giant Breville (or Sage if you’re from the UK) to create a machine which is all shine and stainless steel rather than thicker plastic. As a result, it looks like the kind of geeky machine a barista would own, but operating it is close to effortless.' She continued, 'it’s compact but eye-catching. I would be happy just looking at it.'

If you're a coffee connoisseur with a love for David Beckham, Nespresso's Vertuo Creatista just might be perfect for you. For more Beckham coffee content, check out our article on Romeo Beckham's $6,000 espresso machine.

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