Drew Barrymore hid a gallery wall in the most unconventional of rooms – but she makes it work with this simple base hue

Barrymore just made bathroom design personal – and her decorating technique isn't as unusual as it initially seems

(Image credit: Courtesy of Drew Barrymore)

A gallery wall is perhaps the most colorful way to inject personality into a room – and it would appear that no space is exempt, including the bathroom. Actress Drew Barrymore just made a case for the latter, showcasing an eclectic gallery wall in her bathroom, and, despite appearing initially unconventional, her paint choices ensure this feature works in her space.

Barrymore's white-painted wall is the pefect base for the injection of color shown through the gallery wall – meaning her space feels maximalist but curated. Having a neutral base for our gallery wall is sensible in all spaces, whether we're playing with an abundance of frames in our living rooms or filling our staircase with art. However, it's particularly important in our bathroom, where creating a serene space is key.

'When it comes to a gallery wall, I love to keep things simple and clean! You can still create bold and playful elements to your walls without having to go overboard with frames, sizing, etc,' comments designer Hilary Matt of Hilary Matt Interiors. 'I always recommend finding a space that has more of a neutral base to it and clean, neutral walls. From here, you can go bold and bright with your artwork without the room feeling too busy.'


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The biggest rule of a gallery wall is that there are no rules. However, it doesn't mean we don't welcome advice from designers who have curated some of the most beautiful walls in the country. These tips apply to the bathroom, where we should begin with a neutral base (as Matt instructs and Barrymore demonstrates), but they also translate to every other room around our home.

'Gallery walls can be great for abstract prints and I like utilizing slight variations of each print instead of going totally different and all over the place with them. However, you can always do a personal take for a gallery wall and add in family photos, mixed with inspiration and travel. For this, utilizing floating shelving can be a nice touch,' Matt says.

Similarly, designer Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors encourages us to follow Barrymore's lead by playing with tight art groupings that, together, create an interesting focal point.

bathroom with vintage art gallery wall

(Image credit: Colette Interiors, Linda Pordon Photography)

In the bathroom and beyond, Lester also urges us to 'get creative' by creating a gallery wall of things that may not qualify as conventional artworks.

'Create a gallery wall of unexpected art, like framed pieces of wallpaper, simple stream-lined pencil sketches, and more graphic art as well as photography in ready-made frames,' she says. 'The result is dynamic, curated and impactful, and way more interesting than a single piece of expensive traditional art.'

Suitable for the bathroom, bedroom or any living space, these prints are the perfecting starting point for any gallery wall.

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