Eva Longoria's unusually shaped swimming pool comes with these health benefits, according to experts

The long and thin pool is an uncommon sight – but design and health experts alike agree on her choice

Eva Longoria
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There's nothing that can change the look of a backyard like a pool. Though we sometimes think of these swimming spots as unrelated to design, they couldn't be more interconnected: an elegant pool design can elevate your garden space, while an unthoughtfully thrown-together pool can drag the entire outdoor look down. Eva Longoria's pool falls staunchly into the first camp.

The actress took to Instagram to post adorable photos with her child against the backdrop of her long and narrow lap pool. 

The unusual pool is surrounded by a beige stone that grows even more beautiful in the light, and the pool area augments the glamor of the look with tall hedges and striped lounge chairs. However, the pool itself has the most interesting benefits for design and for health, according to experts.

'A pool should always complement its surrounding space and architecture,' says Brad Holley, Outdoor Design Director at Pure Design. 

He continues on Eva's backyard idea: 'In a space like this one, it's very clear that simplicity and minimalism are the dominating forces, which means that you want the pool to be understated. In this outdoor environment, the pool is not meant to be the main visual feature. In its narrowness, it's more of a beautiful accessory that enhances the overall feel of the space.'

brad holley from pure design
Brad Holley

Brad is the Design Director at Texas-based Pure Design, where he relishes in creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Before joining Pure, he spent almost 9 years training under one of America's most influential outdoor designers. Brad was the 2023 winner of the competitive 'Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge.'

Furthermore, this longer, small backyard pool has surprising visual impacts. Brad says: 'From a design perspective, having any elongated feature in a space can manipulate your sense of size and proportion. Based on the shadows being cast, it's fair to say that the home is probably parallel to the pool. If I had to guess, I would say that this lap-swimming pool is probably between 50 - 60 feet long.

He continues, 'What this means is, when you look or step outside, you're going to feel as though the space is very wide. Even though the central stucco feature wall is probably at least 72" x 144" in size, the giant privacy hedges dwarf all of it. This all provides the viewer with a strong sense of grandeur, which is extremely appropriate for someone as accomplished as Ms. Longoria.'

However, the benefits of the actress's pool go far beyond aesthetics. Certified Physical Therapist and exercise expert Rachel MacPherson states: 'Having a long lap pool in your backyard, like the one Eva Longoria has, offers multiple health benefits. First off, swimming is an excellent form of cardio that's suitable for just about everyone. The buoyancy of water means your body bears much less weight while swimming, making it a fun and therapeutic form of exercise.' It's like building your own outdoor home gym

rachel macpherson
Rachel MacPherson

Rachel MacPherson is a lifelong health enthusiast with 15 years of experience in nutrition, personal training, and exercise. She is also a freelance journalist covering fitness and health topics.

She continues,'Also, having a swimming pool in your backyard gives you the flexibility to exercise at any time, even before bed. Exercise and sleep have a bi-directional positive relationship meaning exercise can help you sleep better, and good sleep can enhance your exercise performance and consistency.'

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If you want to improve your health and the look of your backyard, an ultra-stylish lap pool like the one Eva Longoria has built might be a great option.

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