Experts love the 'enduring appeal' of Geri Halliwell's kitchen cabinet color – but there's another benefit to this hue

The singer's country home pays homage to the most timeless of cabinet tones; here's why it's unlikely to ever fall out of favor

Geri Halliwell
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When choosing a cabinet color that will stand the test of time, few hues rival white. This tone is enduringly favored among designers, and all for a good reason. Its style and versatility are equally unmatched, meaning it will likely continue to transcend kitchen trends for centuries ahead. So, it's no surprise it's the color Geri Halliwell chose for her own cabinets. 

The Spice Girl, who owns a country estate in southern England, shared a look inside her white kitchen where she is seen making ginger tea – a nod to her stage name, Ginger Spice. The room boasts a primarily white color palette, starting with her kitchen cabinets and including her marble counters and backsplash. 

As kitchen specialist Moe Soloff explains, this tone has an 'enduring appeal', meaning it is a trusty investment if we're planning a kitchen renovation to last a lifetime. However, timelessness is not the only benefit of this hue. 

The most important benefit, Moe explains, is white's ability to enhance natural light. 

'White surfaces reflect natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and creating a bright, welcoming space,' he comments. This is powerful in all spaces but particularly worth noting in small kitchens that will benefit from a size-enhancing hue. 

'White optimizes small spaces and has the ability to make any kitchen appear larger due to its light-reflecting properties. This sense of enhanced spaciousness is critical in an open floor plan where the kitchen flows into the living or dining area.' 

As Geri lives in the country, it's fitting that her kitchen follows a more traditional aesthetic, but this same color will translate to any style of home – whether we want to go yet more quintessential or follow a sleeker, Scandi-inspired look. 

'White kitchens fit seamlessly into any design style, be it modern, traditional, or rustic,' he emphasizes. 

'This adaptability allows homeowners to alter their decor without worrying about a clash with the kitchen's color scheme. This versatility is crucial in open floor plans where the kitchen needs to visually connect with the other living spaces, maintaining a coherent style throughout.'

White kitchen with marble backsplash and gold hardware

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Kitchen expert
Kitchen expert
Moe Soloff

Moe Soloff is a kitchen specialist at Fabuwood, one of the leading cabinet manufacturers in the US. His company believes that the perfect cabinets are key to developing a sanctuary that offers a perfect balance of functionality and ambiance.

When choosing a versatile kitchen color, it's unsurprising; therefore, white frequently comes out on top. However, while it's easy to think about cabinets in relation to our walls and flooring, Moe reminds us that white complements all hardware and finishes, too. 'A white kitchen's simplicity enables easy updates, such as changes in accessories or hardware,' he notes.

'We've seen these principles come to life in many projects. In one transformation, we used a white color scheme in a small, previously dark kitchen. The result was a bright, open space where the white kitchen not only appeared larger but also beautifully flowed into the living area.'

Speaking of accessories, we're shopping for these Geri Halliwell-inspired kitchen goods below. 

Whichever way we dress our counters, we can rest easy that this hue will endure in homes of all sizes for many years ahead. With their abundance of benefits, it's easy to see why Ginger Spice opted for this hue, and now it's our turn to follow suit. 

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