We interviewed Hilary Duff: Here's how she takes part in Scent-Zoning – the hottest trend in home fragrances for 2024

The Lizzie McGuire actress spoke to H&G about her all-natural scent diffusers, and how she uses scent-zoning in her home

hilary duff in a white room
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Fragrance is an essential element of interior design. Furthermore, design choices like using a signature scent in each room introduce an experiential element that can expand and improve upon one's home. 

No one knows this better than actress turned home fragrance mogul Hilary Duff. Hilary co-founded Below 60° in November 2023 to create beautiful natural home fragrances that help people feel happier at home, and her all-natural diffusers have been spreading joy ever since. With the increasing popularity of home fragrances (for instance, Klarna reported a 132% increase in the purchase of essential oil diffusers in Sept 2023), homeowners are exploring new methods of scenting their homes for interest and impact.

One such method is 'scent-zoning,' or using varied fragrances in different spaces in your house. We spoke with Hilary to discuss her thoughts on the trend and how she layers fragrance in her home.

Hilary tells H&G exclusively, 'I was following this trend long before I heard the term' scent zoning.' I think that the scent that I want going in my bathroom is going to be different than what I want in my kitchen or my bedroom.'

She continues, 'I feel like scent zoning is kind of like music. You know? Where you play a certain song because you're feeling a certain way. So, obviously, the signature scent you want can change depending on if you're entertaining, or you're just home alone, or your kids are having a bunch of friends over.'

'It's something that constantly shifts. I think it just makes sense because it's just another expression of what you're into at the time and how to make your personal space the most personal to you,' adds Hilary.

However, there is an art to the delicate practice of making your home smell good without overwhelming the senses. Hilary states: 'It's like a fine line that you have to walk because you don't want to just blast people and have so much going on when they walk into the house. I want cohesion.' No matter if you're using candles or reed diffusers to scent the house, this sense of connectedness is what's most important.

How does Hilary Duff scent her own home? In our interview, Hilary states: 'I want the bathroom to feel a little fresher. I don't want a crazy, overpowering scent in the kitchen, but I want something pleasant. Maybe something a little darker and warmer in the living room, especially if there's a fireplace. For my bedroom, I want something that's not too energizing because I want to feel like I can unwind there and start to implement, like, you know, resting and good habits for winding down.'

By choosing different fragrances for different areas of your home, you can create a beautiful experience in the house. As Hilary tells us, scent is all about what feels personal to you.

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