Jennifer Aniston's functional but cozy open-plan living space has benefits far beyond aesthetics

This open-concept kitchen is the ultimate welcoming space – designer experts say it 'helps bring a family together'

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Open-concept living spaces are all the rage. They make a space appear larger and feel brighter and are becoming ever more popular for apartment living. Even celebrities aren't immune to the charm of this house style: Jennifer Aniston is the latest to adopt the trend.

Jennifer's make-up artist, Angela Levin, took to Instagram to show off the actress's stunning Golden Globes look, revealing her open-plan living room in the process. Jennifer's dark living space includes a kitchen area (with a sprawling black island) that faces a mid-century modern living space – complete with a contemporary fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows creating both a cozy and bright feeling.

Interior design experts are not shy to show their admiration for open-plan kitchens and living spaces like Jennifer Aniston's. Isabella Adler, interior designer at Next Luxury, states: 'The most prominent benefit of an open plan living space is a more spacious and brighter look. Merging a living room and a kitchen is perfect for small houses and apartments, as partitions only make rooms look smaller.'

isabella adler interior designer at next luxury
Isabella Adler

Isabella Adler is an Austin, Texas-based interior designer. Her style is one of sophisticated modernity and timeless elegance. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their dream homes through a combination of current trends and evergreen design. 

She continues, asserting 'that there's a practical reason behind bringing these two rooms together.' Isabella says, 'An open-plan living room brings a family together and creates a sense of togetherness. You'll appreciate this if you have kids, as you'll easily keep an eye on them while preparing a meal or having your morning coffee. It also gives you more access to other rooms in your home, and one large room is easier to clean than two small ones.' In Jennifer Aniston's space, the uniting of these two rooms helps fill her kitchen with light and gives it a warm, cozy, and welcoming feel.

For those hoping to recreate Jennifer Aniston's look, Andrea May, interior designer at Andrea May Interiors, states, 'If you want your kitchen or dining space to feel more like a living room, start with comfortable upholstered kitchen seating that evokes a relaxing atmosphere that encourages family and friends to linger a little longer. Upholstered freestanding banquettes that "read" sofa work really well in this way.'

kitchen in open plan living space

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As with everything, using texture will improve the look of the space. Andrea says, 'Toss pillows and throws add to this ambiance. Other easy tips include bringing in plants and books, which immediately warm up the space and feel cozy and inviting.'

The kitchen and the living room are two of the best social spaces in the home, so it makes sense that bringing them together can only be a good thing. Jennifer Aniston's united kitchen and living room fill her home with light and space for entertaining.

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