Jennifer Aniston's luxury home gym puts comfort and wellness at the forefront, and experts say it is surprisingly easy to achieve

It's important to think beyond functionality when designing a luxury home gym – good aesthetics will help make it more inviting to work out in

Jennifer Aniston
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It's important to think beyond functionality when designing and decorating a home gym – good aesthetics will help make it more inviting to work out in. American actress, producer, and businesswoman, Jennifer Aniston, knows how important it is to get your home gym right, the first time.

An expertly designed home gym, which is both visually appealing and functional, makes the prospect of a workout far more enticing, but incorporating elements of wellness into your home gym ideas is vital, too.

'People often assume an at-home gym is all about the equipment; it’s not, just as an actual gym isn’t just about the equipment,' says interior designer Katharine Pooley. 'It’s about the color scheme, music, the lighting, the atmosphere; the same is said for your at-home workout space. Make sure you’re creating an experience for when you exercise; much like they do in boutique gyms.'

In Jennifer Aniston's home gym, wellness plays a pivotal role. It is important to curate a space that will not only help you achieve your fitness goals but also one that will make you feel happier at home, too.

Once you've worked out the basics, put focus on the flooring and materials that make up the bones of the room. 

Strong, hard-wearing flooring is a must for a home gym. Wood flooring and cabinetry storage are versatile enough for every room – home gym included – and will create a seamless flow when laid throughout a home. Smart enough for a grand or small space yet with the durability to withstand sweat, spills, and high traffic. It's also a neutral base for layering yoga and floor mats when you want that extra comfort or protection from a hard surface.

Getting the acoustics right, like Jennifer Aniston has done, is another focus point for the space. 

In a professional gym, there is likely music and a TV or two to distract or entertain you as you hit the treadmill or exercise bike – and there's no reason not to include a sound system when designing a luxury home gym.

At the very least, a smart speaker that you can voice-control to conjure up music of exactly the right mood is a must-have. Better still, a wall-hung smart TV will help pass the time – or you can use it to tune into online exercise classes. 

Similarly, ventilation, air conditioning, and heating are a must. If your home gym is in the house, simply opening a window should do the trick, though an extractor fan or dehumidifier might stop the room from becoming steamy more efficiently, especially when the weather is cold.

If your home gym is in the backyard, doors that can be opened will be great in summer, but ensure there is a window that can be cracked open for winter workouts. Proper ventilation, such as an extractor fan or even a dehumidifier will help get rid of condensation, too.

Bear in mind that ventilation is not just for the room – you might like to invest in one of the best fans to stay cool when working out, whatever the time of year. 

Similarly, consider others in the family using your home gym – investing in your favorite home fragrance can make the space more bearable. 

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