Jennifer Garner's closet incorporates a versatile storage solution favored by professional organizers

The walk-in closet uses the methods that professional organizers urge us to replicate – and doing so is simple

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If we want to improve our lives, we often start by clearing out our closet. An orderly space is an attainable, affordable, and (usually) fun way to feel more organized – but knowing where to start is less easy. Luckily for us, however, Jennifer Garner's closet provides some much-needed inspiration. 

To keep her closet organized, the actress incorporates vertical storage, a stocked island, and open shelves for folded items. Aside from being beautiful, her dressing room uses some of the professional's favorite storage techniques.

First, Jennifer Garner's walk-in closet uses very tall cabinets that go all the way up her wall to the ceiling. Though they may initially look too tall, these cabinets are an essential way to stay neat. 

Organizing expert and founder of Full Service Living Juliana Melmed states: 'Utilizing vertical space is key! Those hard-to-reach shelves in tall cabinets have the potential to house seasonal items, blankets, keepsakes, and anything else that isn't utilized regularly. I tell my clients to keep a foldable step stool tucked away in their closet.'

Smilling woman with short brown hair wearing V neck orange top and necklace is Julianna Melamed
Julianna Melamed

Julianna Melamed is the founder of the home concierge company Full Service Living, located in New York City, which specializes in home organization, move management, and home project management. 

Jennifer's open shelves are full to the brim with folded clothing and provide an important visual break in the cohesive space. 

Open shelves are a blank canvas for any kind of storage. You can fold things directly on them and utilize clear dividers to keep clothes in line and prevent things from getting messy,' Julianna says. 'And if you aren't one for keeping things neatly folded all the time, you can place bins/canvas storage boxes on open shelves and roll-fold or file-fold items in there.'

One of the most luxurious elements of Jennifer Garner's dressing room is her closet island, a highly effective closet organizer. If you're thinking of building one of these in your closet, Julianna states: 'Typically accessories such as jewelry, watches and sunglasses are kept in the island. It's also a great space to create a seating area at the edge of.' She also views these organizers as a type of storage that will become more popular over the next few years.

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Incorporating a closet organization strategy is an ideal method to straighten out the rest of your house. With Jennifer's inspiration, you'll never be lost again.

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