Johnny Galecki's outdated bedroom color is fashionable once again – and it will be a top choice for 2025

As a backdrop, the soothing quality of warmed, olive green is hard to beat

Johnny Galecki
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Inspired by the natural world, olive green is restful with a touch of heritage. Strong yet soothing, it brings an enveloping feel but can also sit quietly and allow bold furniture to shine. But this adaptable green fell out of favor in recent years, with more people preferring to use dark, forest green instead. However, olive hues are back, and this outdated color trend has had a welcome renaissance. 

Green is in general a calming and relaxing color. Being the color that represents nature, it is one that makes us feel good and positive. The poet and philosopher Goethe described green as a useful color, a good color to have around. Olive green, in particular, is entwined with the permanence and beauty of nature and is a timeless choice for interior decorating that shows no signs of abating.

In addition to its mood-enhancing properties, olive green is loved by interior designers for its versatility. Restful and calm, it works in any room and can be paired with many other colors. This might explain why interior design firm Pierce & Ward has used this color in actor Johnny Galecki's main bedroom. Often described as an 'ugly color', olive green is a rich, earthy antidote to the sugary pastel hues we've seen lately. After all, every house needs a dose of underappreciated muddy tones to dial down the pretty and perfect. 

Peruse the paint cards and you will find no one olive green the same, yet all are undeniably soothing. ‘This shade has a serene and classic feeling, combining effortlessly with an array of colors, from delicate pinks to sunny yellows, to provide countless decorating options,’ says John Smigielski, marketing director at Linwood.

‘This tone of green, which is both a subdued yet lively color, for me is a neutral. It is a great backdrop for any interior and works well for displaying art, as well as in more relaxing rooms, such as bedrooms’ explains Birdie Fortescue. 

‘It will complement both warm and cool tones, allowing it to serve as a subtle backdrop, or take on a more prominent role in the overall color scheme,’ adds Nicole Salvesen, co-founder and senior designer at Salvesen Graham. ‘We often suggest colors to clients that aren’t too true and which are more knocked back in their pigmentation; olive green is a great example of this, making it easy to scheme with.’

This is a wonderful color that works well all through the year and is ideal if you are trying to bring an element of nature or a heritage feel into a more contemporary city home. It’s a restful and calming shade that works wonders on bedroom walls. Galecki's bedroom is a testament to its soothing qualities. 

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If you prefer to introduce color through fabrics, papers, furnishings and accessories, there is no shortage of designs available, with olive green continuing to feature heavily in collections. Checks and stripes in olive green are a country staple; alternatively, choose from a wealth of small- to large-scale botanical designs to continue the natural theme.

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