Josh Brolin chose a surprising color scheme for his bedroom – experts predict it will be the 'it' palette for 2024

Rich and nuanced, yellow is a welcoming, joyful, vibrant choice for a bedroom

Josh Brolin
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When American actor Josh Brolin, star of Dune: Part Two, revealed his Pierce & Ward-designed Malibu home, we knew we were in for a visual treat. Champions of the 'ugly' color trend, the design duo of Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward frequently throw out the rulebook with their adoration for unusual color combinations for rooms – this time, a brown and yellow bedroom that welcomes the return of '70s color palettes.

An earthy golden yellow is a shade that shines, but it also creates rooms that are rich and enveloping – it's a hue that's like a warm embrace, especially when paired with a similarly warm brown.

It’s the shade of optimism and joy, so after the global turbulence of the past few years, it comes as little surprise that yellow room ideas are decorating’s color du jour. But it is so much more than a flash in the pan – the right shade can have surprising longevity and add richness to more traditional schemes. 

‘To use yellow or ochre, you need to think of it as the “neutral” in the scheme; as a foil to set off other colors, not to overpower everything else,' says Susan Deliss textile designer and interior decorator. 'Avoid anything that says canary or banana and go for something that sets off the architecture or warms up a cooler space.’

If you want to replicate the aesthetic of Brolin's warm bedroom, Architect Richard Parr suggests choosing a natural palette that will enrich yellow, rather than work against it. ‘We recommend paring yellow with earthy and deep tones, from terracotta to rust, incorporating natural materials such as rich timbers and warm metals that will pick up and enhance the color.' 

Edward Bulmer, interior designer and founder, of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint shares our fascination for this sunny shade: ‘Sometimes you need a deeper golden color with more clout as some yellows can be too gray, too flat or just too primary. Earthy tobacco shades will work in any room you want to feel warm and intriguing; it is a serious color, elegant and sophisticated, which creates a fabulous backdrop to artwork and antiques and works in a variety of spaces. I would pair this with the creamier off-whites, beiges and warm taupes for a softer palette or with a sludgy green or deep blue for instant drama.’ 

For a strong approach, embrace the color-drenching trend. This sees mid-strength tones, in just one or two closely related colors, used to create enveloping cohesive interiors that allow color to be a focal point. The beauty of color drenching is that it can be applied to a variety of different spaces. It can’t make a small room larger, but it can embrace the size of the space and create something that lifts the mood and feels engaging, inviting, and contemporary. 

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An accent of yellow will always cheer up any scheme. As one of the most uplifting colors it is not surprising that it is having a renaissance. However, if you don't plan on repainting your bedroom, then shop the yellow edit instead. 

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