Kim Kardashian scents her room using two cult-favorite candles – they offer a stunning aesthetic and add warmth to her home

If you've ever wondered what the SKIMS founder's house smells like, you're in luck – these are her top home fragrances

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian's home is a chic, monochromatic, minimalist haven. Walking through the front doors, you might first notice the arched, architectural wonder of the house, or you might catch something different: the fragrance.

It's only the best candles for Kim Kardashian, who scents her home with the Diptyque Roses Candle and the Diptyque Jasmin candle. Insight from Poosh is that Kardashian swears by the trendy fragrance combination, using the Jasmin scent throughout her home, and Roses in the bathrooms. These fresh floral fragrances mix to create a sensuous and inviting atmosphere. Interior design experts admire the smell, look, and effect of Kim's candle decision.

First, these home fragrances are the perfect complement to a minimalist interior. Megan Slack, celebrity style expert at Homes & Gardens states: 'Minimalist interiors are calming and stylish, but they aren't always the warmest and most inviting look. A recognizable scent can bring a homey touch to these pared-back design schemes. Kim has also chosen to fragrance-layer by bringing the rose and Jasmin scents together, creating an even richer and more complex atmosphere in the on-the-surface simple space.'

She continues, 'In general, adding in a signature scent is a great way to bring personality to your home. Whether it's a fresh floral and feminine scent, or a warmer, woodier smell, choosing a scent that you love makes a space feel specifically like "yours." The more specific the home, the more individual it feels. For instance, Kim has chosen a classic luxury scent from a heritage perfumer. The timeless opulence of the Jasmin and Rose candles feels like a great fit for the socialite, who admires craftsmanship, simplicity, and legacy in her design and fashion. By choosing a smell that reflects her personality, stepping into her home feels like a trip into Kim's inner sanctum.'

Megan Slack
Megan Slack

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When choosing the best scents for every room of your home, aesthetics can be just as important as fragrance. This is demonstrated in Kim's house, where she has chosen a candle with a stylish and striking, yet minimalist appearance. The Diptyque candles are stored in a tall glass tumbler with an elegant black and white label. The design would not only fit into any space, but make it look even more put together and stylish. However, if you prefer a bolder look, there are many candles with bright and colorful looks.

Kim Kardashian is s style icon, and using an iconic signature scent is one of the ways she achieves this cohesive aesthetic. No matter the style of your home, the right fragrance will always add that little something extra.

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