Leslie Mann's traditional beige kitchen cabinets are back and defining 2024 – perfect for embracing simple, honest design

Follow the ethos of a Shaker-style kitchen to bring simple refinement and elegance to a home

Leslie Mann
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In Leslie Mann's and Judd Apatow's family kitchen, a traditional kitchen cabinet style reigns supreme, and its popularity is expected to rise in 2024. But why are traditional kitchens – similar to Shaker-style – making a comeback?

Instantly recognized by their timeless, uncomplicated designs featuring simple paneled doors and an abundance of natural materials, traditional and Shaker kitchens are ubiquitous in homes throughout the world. 

Shaker kitchens are renowned for their unfussy cabinetry, featuring clean lines and a simple recessed panel, which provides the perfect backdrop to define your own style. However, the beauty of Shaker cabinetry was not just superficial. The Shakers – a religious group who arrived in America from England in 1774 – believed that God could see everything, even the back of a cabinet should look as good as the front. To reflect this craftsmanship, solid wood kitchen cabinets are constructed with strong dovetail joints for pieces that exude the Shaker ethos.

While Leslie Mann's kitchen cabinets are not true, authentic Shaker-style – designed with inset rectangular panels – they still embody the simple aesthetic they so loved to use in their homes. 

There is no standard template for a traditional kitchen – however, your personality and unique style are both integral to its design. Be sure, though, that it will feature plenty of natural materials, similar to the one below, a social space to gather and accessories to make it feel lived in. 

This family kitchen epitomizes the Shaker style. Nothing in the space is purely decorative, everything has a purpose. Pale cabinetry, with classic fielded doors, emphasizes the room’s original features, drawing the eye to the marble kitchen countertop and the worn wooden floor. It is through these natural and architectural elements that the character of the space is achieved, rather than through ostentatious cabinetry design.

With nature at its heart, a traditional kitchen, similar to Leslie Mann's and Judd Apatow's, should celebrate the same raw materials that were used to construct your home, so make a feature of any wooden ceiling beams and stonework. These elements can then be paired with other natural finishes, such as stone and wood surfaces, which are a beautiful complement to the kitchen, and are also highly practical.

Continue the ethos of Shaker-style kitchen design into other aspects of your space. ‘There is an increasing appreciation that hardware can make a huge difference to the overall look of the kitchen, so it’s important to get it right,’ says Jonathan Britton, brand manager at House of Rohl. Brass hardware for your cabinetry handles is the perfect companion to a classic kitchen.

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