Lily Allen's maximalist dressing room channels this bold hue that experts say promotes a 'calming' feel

More is more when it comes to the design of Lily Allen's playful dressing room

Lily Allen
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The home of actress Lily Allen and her actor-husband David Harbour is the epitome of maximalist design. Filled with patterned wallpaper and carpets, eccentric colors, and statement furniture, the Brooklyn townhouse is a wonderful celebration of personality that doesn't abide by any rules. 

Designed by interior designer Billy Cotton and architect Ben Bischoff, the home, which was previously featured in Architectural Digest's Open Door series, is serving us with plenty of interior inspiration, not least Lily's playful dressing room

Speaking to Architectural Digest, Harbour says of his wife: 'Lily is someone who lives with color in a deeper way than most. Her taste is bold, silly, fun, eccentric – it’s exciting,' and that's certainly reflected in her dressing room, which channels a bold shade of blue paint.

Pictured above, the cool shade of blue adorns the whole space, color drenching the room to create a cocooning and cozy feel. Continuing the theme of the home's controversial carpeted bathroom, the dressing room floor features an elegant and regal-looking floral motif carpet that provides the perfect contrast to the all-blue room. 

The cabinetry was designed by Brazilian company Florense, and while elements of glass are visible, the drawers and shelves alike are otherwise fully coated in the same shade of blue. While it may seem like a bold color to opt for in a space such as this, with many dressing rooms opting for classic whites for a minimalist look, blue is actually an incredibly relaxing color that can promote a calming feel when used in the home.

Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens editor and in-house color expert says: 'Blue is synonymous with tranquility and is the perfect hue to establish a calming environment. While blue can sound like a daring and sometimes unflattering shade to adopt, it is rising in popularity for its serene feel.'

Jennifer Ebert
Jennifer Ebert

Jen is the Editor (Digital) of Homes & Gardens online. Before starting this position, she had completed various interior design courses at KLC Design School, as well as working across Ideal Home, LivingEtc, 25 Beautiful Homes and Country Homes & Interiors as an interiors writer.

'For rooms such as a dressing room, opting for blue as the primary color is a smart choice; creating a space that feels soothing as opposed to chaotic. Make sure to choose a muted shade of blue if replicating a color-drenched look as seen in Lily's home, to ensure the room is liveable and doesn't feel overwhelmed with bright color,' Ebert concludes. 

Inspired by Lily's approach to color? We've got lots of ideas for decorating with blue to help you channel this uplifting look in your own home. 

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