Michelle Pfeiffer's anti-trend living room is the perfect example of a 'modern classic look that will never age'

Michelle Pfeiffer's living room transcends trends for a look that will be in style for all eternity

Michelle Pfeiffer
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The modern classic look is appealing because it is easy and comforting. Easy because nothing is too perfect, so signs of life don’t spoil the aesthetic, which is what can happen if you're consistently following the latest living room trends

Designing a timeless living room is also easy because, in the right setting, it has a quality that won’t date. So, if you invest in well-made living room furniture, enduring quiet luxury color palettes, and timeless materials, it should last for as long as you need it to. It is comforting because it feels reassuringly familiar.

It also needs to have integrity and be authentic. American actress Michelle Pfeiffer's anti-trend living room does that because of its beautifully crafted elements, from the wood flooring and the white living room color scheme to the unfussy furniture. The modernity comes from the simplicity of materials and lines – aim for cozy, but not cluttered.

Modern classic design principles encompass timeless and long-standing elements. A few of the key fundamentals to consider are; symmetry in interior design, timeless furniture, high-quality materials, formal living room ideas and layouts, subtle patterns, balance, and decorating with neutrals – predominantly colors found in nature.

As Martha Lord, interior designer, and co-founder of Boland Lord Design explains, ‘Design becomes timeless when it transcends fleeting trends and embraces simplicity, balance, and a thoughtful blend of classic elements. A neutral color palette, quality materials, and a harmonious mix of antique and modern pieces for balance create a relevant and appealing space across generations. Additionally, the integration of meaningful, personal elements contributes to the longevity of a design.’

Once you've established the foundations, as mentioned above, it is important to introduce personal touches. Decorating with artwork, photographs, and mementos that mean something to you will make your room more meaningful for all residents and will be far more joyful to live with over the years, making you feel happier at home.

Shop the modern classic look

When crafting a modern classic look in your home, invest in furniture and furnishings that have been made-to-last. The old adage, 'buy well, buy once' have never been more true when curating a timeless aesthetic that will never date.  

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