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The 15 living room trends interior design experts agree will take over in 2024

With an emphasis on comfort, 2024's biggest living room trends focus on creating spaces perfect for lounging

living room trends 2024
(Image credit: Alice Grace Interiors / Tim Salisbury / Jessica Helgerson Interior Design)

Knowing the latest living room trends will set you up with everything you need for a successful redesign of your space; from the best colors to use, to styles of furniture, lighting, accessories, and more. 

As a central hub of your home, your living room ideas need to work hard to be both comfortable and multifunctional. From relaxing to socializing and entertaining, your lounge space does a lot. But aside from picking the most relaxing color combinations and deciding on your favorite interior design style, how do you know what's really 'on trend'?

Rather than focusing on fading fads, we've spoken to interior designers to give us their thoughts on the latest living room trends that will endure. Timeless, elegant, and inviting, here are the 15 living room trends taking center stage in 2024. 

muted 1970s color palette riverhouse with lots of wood

(Image credit: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design / Photography Aaron Leitz / TaylorSmith Sustainable Construction)

When harnessing the latest interior design trends to design a living room, ensure to establish a space that is welcoming, beautiful, and practical. There is always room to add trending pieces in the way of accessories that can be easily swapped out, but to create space that will never date you're going to want to start with a timeless foundation. 

'Crafting a welcoming living space entails various elements: from snug throws and plush pillows to suitable lighting and decor that mirrors your unique taste while fostering a tranquil and cohesive ambiance,' suggests Christine Carney, director of design at Blackberry Farm Design.

There is always room for improvement and inspiring change with the latest living room trends. So, to leave you suitably inspired to upgrade your living room with confidence, here are our top 15 living room trends for the coming year.

1. Color layering

green living room with layering of color and eclectic boho accessories

(Image credit: Bethany Adams / JL Jordan Photography)

By now, you'll be more than familiar with the idea of color drenching – aka the paint technique of taking your wall color up and over your ceiling, window trims, molding, skirtings, doors etc. You name it, we're drenching it in 2024. But have you heard of color layering?

'Color drenching remains a strong trend in living rooms, but to give that trend extra depth and stay powder, turn it up a notch and try color layering,' suggests interior designer Bethany Adams. 'Color layering is when you take several shades, hues, or tones of the same rich color and layer them in different applications. Think walls, furnishings, artworks, etc. to achieve a more sophisticated and nuanced color story than the single color palettes we're used to seeing.'

By layering colors thoughtfully, homeowners can create spaces that feel luxurious, sophisticated, and multi-dimensional. Start with a base color that sets the mood, then layer in complementary hues through paint, textiles, or accessories and consider incorporating different textures and finishes to further enhance the color story – from matte to glossy, smooth to textured.

2. Cocooning curves

modern unique curved sofa in an eclectic apartment with marble fireplace

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet)

As we continue to find new ways to make our homes even more comfortable, cozy, and relaxing, many designers are moving away from harsh and strict straight lines and incorporating more curvaceous, free-flowing forms across furniture trends, lighting trends accessories.

Juliette Thomas, founder & director of Juliettes Interiors says, 'Curved furniture, especially sofas and armchairs, will be popular in 2024 – bringing a welcome softness to living spaces. These will be adorned in light colors and textured fabrics like shades of white and cream, with bouclé remaining a favorite.'

As shown above in this living room by the team at Humbert & Poyet, this iconic de Sede sofa is a real lesson in how to use curves to add flow and dynamism in interior design. 'The centerpiece for this living room was chosen due to its elegant appearance and sophisticated design. Renowned for its unique shape, this design speaks to us and provides a variety of endless seating arrangements. This orientation of the sofa provides fluidity with the other circular shapes carried throughout the living room, whilst also acting as a beautiful focal point.'

A curvaceous couch such as this not only establishes a wonderfully welcoming and relaxed atmosphere but the soft edges and rounded shape make for an incredibly comfortable seat space.

3. Eclectic mix of accent and vintage pieces

eclectic living room with neutral walls and vibrant accent pieces

(Image credit: Victoria Maria / Photography Belen Imaz & Pedro Bermejo)

There is a growing appreciation for the careful curation of vintage and antique pieces in interiors right now. Mixing modern pieces with vintage finds and unique accents adds layers of visual interest and creates a sense of personality within a space, making environments that are as unique as they are inviting.

The key to successfully incorporating an eclectic mix lies in striking a balance between contrasting elements while maintaining cohesion. 'Usually, I will instinctively start with one object, art piece, or piece of furniture that appeals to me and that will become the living room's focal point,' advises interior designer Victoria Maria. 'What is key, is to move pieces around and find the correct orientation and the colors that best complement one another. Small or large pieces, placed centrally, against a wall, or in a corner, there are no rules when creating an eclectic seating area.'

Select pieces that speak to you personally and resonate with the overall aesthetic of the space. Whether it's a mid-century modern armchair or a quirky vintage lamp, each antique furniture piece should contribute to the story you're telling. 'I also try to embrace a rich tapestry of warm colors and tones, as their ability to infuse any room with energy, vibrancy, and coziness is something everyone desires in their living spaces,' she adds.

4. A considered lighting scheme

Lively living room with red patterned wallpaper, metallic wall lamp, large floral armchair, wooden side table with books and flowers, artwork on walls

(Image credit: Original BTC X Beata Heuman)

A living room often serves multiple functions, therefore, your living room lighting ideas need to be carefully thought through so each zone of the space is perfectly illuminated.

Gone are the days of simply turning on the 'big light', a living room should instead have many welcoming pools of light, and a mix of both practical, task lighting and ambient, decorative light sources. Scarlett Hampton, co-founder of lights&lamps says, 'Don’t just rely on just a single overhead light. Layer lighting levels from several sources, with a mix of table lamps on surfaces, floor lamps, and wall lights to cast a cozy glow. Also, highlight any focal point features or architectural details with accent lighting.' This is a technique known as 'lampscaping'.

To create a cozy reading nook, use picture lights in combination with artwork to establish a striking gallery wall. Finding the right living room lighting will ensure that your space is both functional, inviting, and of course, nice and cozy.

5. Biophilic design

living room with large tropical wallpaper mural and green velvet furnishings

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Biophilic design seeks to integrate natural elements and patterns into the built environment, fostering a sense of harmony, well-being, and vitality. 'I love the idea of biophilic design, which encompasses an abundance of natural light and incorporates plants, florals, and natural materials, like wood, stone, wool, linen, and sheepskin,' explains Molly Torres Portnof of DATE Interiors

‘Green wallpapers with botanical or leafy motifs sit comfortably in any interior scheme because of their relationship with the natural environment and our longing to bring the outdoors inside,' says Ruther Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene

Moreover, the biophilic design style encompasses the use of natural materials and textures to evoke the experiences of nature. 'We feel soothed by green and its neutral base – it is neither too warm, nor too cool. Adding green to your living room will help to create a restful, positive space that will harness the calming effects of nature indoors. Even greens at the brighter and bolder end of the spectrum such as emerald or forest green will provide a serene sense of calm alongside their energizing impact on an interior,' she adds.

6. A hidden TV

rustic living room with ceiling beams and a custom tv cabinet

(Image credit: Alice Grace Interiors)

While we all use and love them, there is no denying that a large television is an eyesore in your carefully designed living room. So, concealing the TV when not in use with options such as motorized lifts, sliding panels, or custom cabinetry allows for a more versatile and visually cohesive space. It's about finding that delicate balance between function and design.

Alternatively, you might favor a living room design that loses the TV entirely. 'This is more of a timeless design choice than a trend, but I've been seeing a lot of living rooms (including my own!) lately that are designed without a television,' says designer Kathy Kuo. 'I love the idea of designing your living room around gathering and connection, maybe you have a bar cabinet or a game table instead of a TV cabinet, rather than media viewing.'

'I like the fact that I have my TV tucked away in a separate media room so that I don't need to consider it every time I want to rearrange my living room furniture and decor.'

7. Nod to nostalgia

Matching wallpaper and curtains in ditsy floral pattern, antique artwork, ornaments on wooden side table, wood, leather and rattan chair

(Image credit: James Mcdonald)

From the rapid rise of 70s-inspired decor, to an eclectic mix of new furniture and second-hand or antique buys, 2024 will see a beautiful blend of the old and new in interior design, paying homage to designs and crafts of the past with styles of the present.

This retro living room trend does not follow a set of design rules or a strict theme, it instead focuses on our spaces becoming true expressions of who we are, through a more individual and 'collected' look. 

Vinterior's brand director, Lucy Ward, refers to this style as the 'Hipstoric Home' trend, she explains, 'Homeowners will marry vintage and modern to embrace a truly maximalist feel. Key ways to do this include:

  • Spread out where you shop – diversify how you obtain your furniture for that truly eclectic look and feel.
  • Mix textures and finishes – the ‘hipstoric’ trend is all about being eclectic and unique with your style, so a one layer landscape will stop any chance of achieving this.
  • Stick to 3 decades a room sticking to 3 decades a room can ensure you avoid the space feeling confused and cluttered, rather than characterful and quirky.
  • Clashing colors – although there are certain things to avoid to ensure you get the right balance in your space, clashing colors are nothing to be afraid of. 
  • Draw inspiration – starting from scratch with a big project can be overwhelming, and often leads to us playing it safe with our interiors. Instead of shying away, turn to other people's work to give you the confidence you need.

8. Creative storage

Living room trends with decorative storage

(Image credit: Alecia Neo)

Living room shelving is a great feature in your lounge space as it provides somewhere to display your most prized possessions and lean further into the design story of the space.

‘I love a wraparound book storage idea – it makes a room feel so cozy, and in a painted finish it isn’t as heavy or traditional as a natural wood finish can feel,’ says interior designer Elizabeth Hay, who designed this scheme seen above. This wonderfully bright blue colorway is also broken up by the textured wallcovering behind the living room sofa, allowing the space and artwork to breathe. 

To create a cohesive scheme with your living room storage ideas, link the paint to the upholstery, perhaps by adding cushions, throws, and trimmings in similar shades. It’s worth selecting a second or third ‘lead’ color – done with red and green here – so that you can link in more elements of the space without it seeming too ‘done’ and overly coordinated.

9. Pops of animal print

living room with vintage sideboard and boucle armchair

(Image credit: TROVE by Studio Duggan)

When used thoughtfully, pops of animal print can infuse a room with a sense of playfulness and sophistication. While they seem a little bold and brash, decorating with animal prints is a focal point that injects personality and ties the entire space together.

The key is to exercise restraint with this one. Rather than overwhelming a space with animal prints, opt for subtle accents that create a sense of intrigue. Consider incorporating animal prints in smaller accessories such as throw pillows, rugs, or upholstered chairs. This allows for flexibility in experimenting with different patterns and textures while maintaining harmony within the space.

From the understated elegance of a leopard print (leopard print is a neutral!) to the bold statement of zebra stripes, there's a print to suit every aesthetic. Whether used in a traditional, eclectic, or modern setting, they add a layer of richness and complexity to the design.

10. Build up a layered palette

yellow livjng room with white gloss walls and yellow windows

(Image credit: Tim Salisbury)

When you typically consider using paint trends to create impact in a room, the first thought tends to be drenching the walls in a bright hue. While this is a tried and tested way of creating a statement, there are more delicate ways to achieve just as much of an impact. 

In this scheme, seen above, by interior designer Anna Spiro, a high-gloss white paint on the walls bounces around light, making the surfaces nearly appear liquid with shine. Plus, it's worth noting yellow and all its buttery iterations is a big trend this year also.

Architectural details have been picked out in a beautiful deep yellow, adding not only color but an excellent grounding element. Living room furniture ideas and accessories in similar but not quite matching tones create a warming spectrum of sunshine across the space.

11. Embrace a broken plan layout

neutral living room with layered lighting

(Image credit: Studio Atkinson)

Set to define the next decade, zoning will replace open-plan living rooms in a phenomenon being referred to as ‘broken-plan.’  So what is it? The broken-plan living room is a design concept that moves away from completely open-plan spaces and instead focuses on clearly defined, separated spaces.

Unsurprisingly, with more of us spending time at home – working, eating, and relaxing – we are now looking to employ the use of screens, partial walls, freestanding furniture, cabinetry, and house plants to create distinct zones and nest-like nooks, intended to provide an escape from the rest of the home. 

12. Factor in florals

Green floral wallpaper, fireplace with green mirror placed above, houseplants, ornaments on mantel

(Image credit: John Lewis)

A classic spring decor trend, nothing signifies the start of the new season like a floral. The delicate but impactful nature of florals can add a new dimension to any scheme, whether traditional or contemporary.

In recent years, we’ve seen tropical and painterly florals, chintz, and oversized blooms dominant, but 2024 will also see many ditsy, delicate designs emerging. Think poppies, buttercups, and foxgloves growing wild across your walls for a classic English cottagecore feel.

Meadow-style prints are the prettiest way to add pattern and have a quintessentially country living room vibe.

14. Play with pattern

Small modern living room with built in sofa, checkered armchair, painting and wall lights on wall, wooden flooring scalloped rug

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Decorating with pattern is a great way to introduce color and character into a room. 'Pattern can be used to define a space and change the tone of different areas,’ advises Bunny Turner, interior designer at Turner Pocock. ‘For example, you might want a bolder pattern on upholstery in a formal living area, with a contrasting pattern in an adjacent snug.’   

The key is to start with a fabric that has a striking pattern featuring more than three colors. From that fabric, choose the colors to be used in the scheme, then select a combination of designs in that palette – perhaps a stripe, a geometric, a floral, and a textural option such as a coarse linen or herringbone.   

‘Consider, too, the amount of pattern on show,’ she says. ‘If you have a large patterned sofa, let it breathe by opting for plain curtains or ones lined with a fine design.’ 

15. Introduce unexpected color combinations

green living room with alcoves with both freestanding and fitted storage

(Image credit: Studio Duggan)

A carefully considered clashing color combination can create a living room that truly sings with joy. This is a space for both socializing and retreat, so you want shades that both enliven and comfort you. Color confidence is bringing an impactful new energy into interiors in 2024.

‘Pink and green is one of my favorite unexpected color combinations – they play really well off each other and it’s a great way to cheer up a room,’ says Lucy Barlow, founder, Barlow & Barlow

Balance is key, especially as many people are still working from home. Integrating more neutral tones to offset your bold hues can help bring calm when you need to focus, but then you can turn around and be energized when it’s time to switch off for the day and allow the room to return to its primary function.

Juliette Thomas of Juliettes Interiors says, 'Providing a rich and moodier feel to spaces, homeowners will look towards darker and warm color palettes for their interiors. From furniture to wall color to soft furnishings, pair sumptuous tones with rich accents and materials such as brass and velvet.'

2024 will also see grounding palettes with inspiration from the natural world remain popular, with a heavy focus on rich greens and deep blues. 

As we have discussed in this piece, many of us are also becoming increasingly confident with using color in the home. From bold-painted accent walls and even an accent ceiling to unexpected color combinations, 2024 is the year for a more adventurous and daring color palette in the home.

Of course, as is the nature of trends, some will remain ever-enduring year after year, and others, unfortunately, will fall flat. 

Some of the most outdated living room trends include decorating with gray and beige – instead we are choosing warmer neutrals such as pink and yellow and or opting for bolder colors rich in character. Additionally, we're leaning away from things that are making a home look dated in 2024 like matching furniture sets and heavy carpeting.

As discussed, open-plan living has been pushed to one side in favor of more cozy, broken-plan spaces, and minimalism is taking a back seat whilst maximalist decor, with spaces full of eclectic finds and a unique union of styles, takes center stage.

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