Nate Berkus’s home serves a fresh take on his living room lighting choice – and design experts approve

Celebrity interior designer Nate Berkus, who is renowned for his preferences for refined and neutral-toned interior design, has shared a glimpse inside his NYC living room - and experts approve of the sophisticated choice of lighting

Headshot of Nate Berkus
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Nate Burkus took to Instagram at the weekend to share a video about the addition of one new piece to his family home: a mid-century-looking plate from a recent trip to Portugal, the latest addition to his styled bookshelves.

The bookshelves, pictured behind Berkus in the video, are built in, white shelves which double as an excellent storage idea, as well as a gallery wall to exhibit books, pottery, such as the abovementioned plate, and picture frames.

But as well as the elegant way Berkus has styled these shelves, there is one thing in particular that stood out to us as unique, and that is the addition of picture lights for his living room lighting scheme. Traditionally and more commonly used to display lighting onto specific pieces of hung art on the walls, Berkus has introduced a new way of using picture lighting, and it’s certainly a success.

As shown in the video, the three individual picture lights hang in a row at the top of the shelves, directing light below to the shelf nooks which feature a selection of neutral-colored stacked books. This design choice positions the bookshelves as a focal point in the room, whilst extending calming, ambient lighting to the rest of the room.

Jo Plant, head of design at Pooky Lighting, agrees that the picture lights are a good design choice, thanks to their ability to elevate certain aspects of a room. She explains: ‘Picture lights are great for much more than their names give them credit for. They are primarily used to highlight artwork but placed strategically, they can highlight architectural details, sculptures, or even bookcases.’

‘A decorative lighting fixture will create a focal point as well as add depth and drama to the space. Incorporating picture lights in unexpected ways allows you to be creative and put a spin on tradition.’

Brighten up your bookshelves

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