Selma Blair's 'dramatic' home office celebrates a trending color that knows how to make an impact

The actress's space incorporates the biggest color trend of 2024, and it makes a striking statement

selma blair in a room
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Red is having a moment. The bold, vibrant shade can create a strong and dramatic impact in any space. 

Selma Blair's home office is the perfect example of how this beautiful color can brighten your home. The actress uses red paint against a black and white gallery wall with a modern desk and a mid-century chair, and it's stunning.

Interior design experts love Selma's use of the color trend. 'Red is a color with versatility, from traditional and grand settings to modern architecture from the likes of Le Corbusier and Niemeyer, there's always a place for decorating with red,' says Flora Hogg, Color Consultant at Craig and Rose. 

flora hogg of craig & rose in front of paint chips
Flora Hogg

Flora Hogg has worked in the interior design and color industry for almost 10 years. She is currently the resident color expert at artisan paint brand Craig & Rose. 

Furthermore, decorating the walls with art creates an incredibly rich look against a red wall. NYC-based interior designer and founder of Artsight, Artem Kropovinsky says: 'Thе bold dеcor introducеs an array of divеrsity and pattеrns, contributing to a rich and tеxturеd intеrior landscapе. Each dеtail in this room narratеs its own story, and whеn combinеd, thеy collеctivеly еmbracе a maximalist approach. Thе artwork, primarily monochromе, stands in stark contrast to thе vibrant rеd huеs of thе walls.'

Artem Kropovinsky headshot
Artem Kropovinsky

Based in New York, Artem Kropovinsky, founder of Arsight, has a decade of extensive and considerable global design experience. Prioritizing minimalism, sustainability, and authenticity, Artem, alongside his team of professionals, works on projects in the US and worldwide.

Red room with gallery wall looking through to a pale blue entryway

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'Combining a red accent wall with a gallery wall, depending on the framing can have different effects,' says Flora. She continues, 'A gallery wall with oil paintings and gold gilding can produce a dramatic setting and heighten the grandeur. Conversely, when painted with minimal artwork and black-and-white photography, red can evoke strong emotions, effectively bridging the negative space between pieces.'

Flora continues, 'For readers to recreate this look, review all your artwork and see if there's a reoccurring color that ties all the pieces together. Highlight this color by painting it on the wall behind the artwork to create a cohesive and unified scheme. In this instance, red serves as a common element, while the majority of artworks are black and white, accented by large white mounts. This design decision allows for each piece to stand out from both the frame and the wall, creating a sense of space and visual balance for the artwork.'

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A red wall combined with gallery wall is a beautiful, stylish way to add visual interest and pop to any space.

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