Here's what Simone Biles's new home in Texas is going to look like – 3 expert predictions

The famed Gymnast and her NFL husband reveal progress on their new home

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Simone Biles and her husband Jonathan Owens have announced that they are building a new home in Texas. Right now, we can only see the unpainted bones of the home's interior and the lakeside view out the back. For construction and renovation experts, this is just enough of a view to make predictions about what the finished project will look like. Here are the top 3 expert guesses for what we can expect to see in Simone's final home. 

1. The home going to be filled with lots of natural light

First off, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens home is designed to increase natural light. 'A row of top windows above the outdoor patio coverage is designed to maximize natural light infiltration,' states renovation and construction expert and co-founder of TileCloud, Drew Mansur. He continues, 'The strategic placement of windows ensures privacy while allowing natural light, contributing to energy efficiency.'

drew mansur from tilecloud
Drew Mansur

Drew Mansur, co-founder of TileCloud, is a seasoned expert in home renovation and online retail. His innovative approach to tile shopping has transformed the industry, offering stylish, quality tiles through a seamless, customer-focused online experience.

'These design choices make the home feel more open, less claustrophobic, and let in lots of natural light,' adds Avi Ben David, construction expert and CEO of Mulholland Brand. It's safe to say that the experts are huge fans of Jonathan and Simone's window idea.

avi ben david construction expert
Avi Ben David

Avi Ben David is the CEO of Mulholland Brand, one of the top producers of aluminum goods in LA. He has been a part of the business from its inception in 1994 and has contributed to its growth. Avi has a solid foundation in the industrial sector from his father, who taught him the craft.

2. It's going to have high ceilings

A glance at the athletic power couple's construction project shows that the home will have high and vaulted ceilings. Avi states: 'Based on the progress of Simone's home so far, it looks like it will be beautiful and spacious with a very modern open look featuring high ceilings that change in height from room to room, giving the house more depth.'

He continues, 'The extreme variation in ceiling height and the grid-like design create a different environment and a complementary setting to the function of each room.' 'The home boasts high ceilings in communal areas, enhancing the sense of spaciousness, adds Drew.

3. Simone Biles's home will have a fluid indoor-outdoor living concept

Especially in warmer climates, indoor-outdoor living concepts have become extremely popular with a proliferation of outdoor living rooms and more. Simone and her husband Jonathan's new home seems to be on trend. 

Drew says, 'The presence of large sliding doors and smaller upper windows suggest a fluid indoor-outdoor living concept. The overall structure is designed to embrace the surrounding views, ensuring a harmonious blend with the environment. Its indoor-outdoor living design promotes a healthy, nature-integrated lifestyle.'

Avi adds, 'The 4-panel sliding doors complete the open look and provide a breathtaking view that will make Simone and Jonathan feel like they are outside while in the comfort of their home.'

We can't wait to see what the couple's completed home will look like. In the meantime, we'll be reading about her modern-minimalist living room in preparation.

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