Tan France's closet exhibits a calming twist on one of the most powerful color trends of the year

With blue set as one of the biggest color trends of 2024, the Queer Eye star is capitalizing on the bright hue in his home

Tan France
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The ever-stylish Tan France is known for his excellent taste in clothes, but despite his role as Queer Eye's fashion expert, his knack for interiors is also just as impressive.

The recent reveal of his walk-in closet stopped us in our tracks – from the swinging bench to the built-in shoe storage, the space, designed in collaboration with The Fox Group and Marjorie Lowder, is a design-lovers paradise. We were especially interested in the decision to paint the entire closet sky blue – a color that has been on our radars for the last little while.

Neutrals are typically the go-to option for paint, but decorating with blue allows for more play while evoking a strong yet calm atmosphere. The blue color trend is already set to be one of the most significant design movements of the year, and unsurprisingly, industry experts are emphasizing its versatility and range.

'Confident and all-embracing color washes will add drama and bring warmth to your space,' says Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore's Director of Marketing. 'Coordinate upholstery and textiles in analogous shades to create a sense of harmony. The end result will achieve a look that feels both dramatic and reassuringly calm.'

Color Expert
Helen Shaw
Color Expert
Helen Shaw

Paint expert Helen Shaw is a color expert and international marketing director. Helen and her husband Craig are founders of Shaw Paints, acquired by Benjamin Moore in 2020.

Though Tan paired blue with a classic white in his closet, Helen encourages bold color combinations. 

'There are endless shades that pair beautifully with blue, but punchy colors, such as orange, will pop against richer tones. Choose blues with warm undertones to create both impact and tranquillity.'

Not a fan of color blocking? Monochrome palettes highly suit blue, which can create a more subtle contrast using light and dark shades. 

'A monochromatic color scheme using one color offers a smartly tailored finish,' Helen comments. 'Laying in multiple shades of the same hue with varying undertones softens this look, imbuing relaxing energy.'

blue bedroom

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When choosing your blue, it's also wise to consider the direction the selected room faces. 

'North or East-facing spaces that don't receive much natural light benefit from blues with warm undertones, while cooler notes can be used in south or west-facing schemes,' Helen comments. 

Take control of the winter blues (in this case, appropriate for all seasons) with a selection of Tan-inspired paint hues below. 

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