Blue has dominated Colors of the Year for 2024 – here's what it means and how you can decorate with it

Marking a shift away from neutrals, experts predict blue will dominate interiors in 2024

blue paint ideas
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There's a common theme appearing following the announcement of many paint companies' color predictions for 2024: blue is no doubt dominating the trend forecasts. 

Various leading paint companies have unveiled varying shades of blue as their expected colors to dominate interiors in 2024, including Benjamin Moore's 'Blue Nova'; Sherwin-Williams' 'Upward SW 6239'; Valspar's 'Renew Blue'; and Minwax's 'Bay Blue'.

Blue is undoubtedly a color to watch for the year ahead, and so we're deep diving into this uplifting hue, finding out why this color is becoming so popular, marking a shift away from previously popular neutral hues, as well as how you can decorate with blue for a cohesive and stylish look. 

Why is blue set to be so popular for 2024?

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'We’ve seen nature-inspired colors taking over since the beginning of this decade,' says Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams. 'Greens and earthy tones have been the most prominent in the first half of the decade and now we’re seeing a shift into blues and ethereal tones in the second half.'

Sue Wadden
Sue Wadden

With a strong background in design and color leadership, Sue Wadden was appointed director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams in 2016, and has been with the paint brand since 1998.

For Sue Kim, color specialist at Minwax, the rise of blue as a color trend is due to its links to tranquility and wellness: 'Blue is being embraced in homes in 2024 for its ability to create mindful living that highlights the wellness in both mind and body. The quality of water and sky in blue shades helps recenter the space and ease us into the beauty of timelessness that will simplify the constant changes outside of home life.'

Helen Shaw, Director of Color Marketing at Benjamin Moore adds: 'Using saturated, eye-catching versions of blue will be a key trend as we move into 2024. Opting for these more alluring mid-tones will evoke a sense of comfort, while also allowing us to express personality and a willingness to explore color within our homes.'

What are the benefits of a blue color scheme?

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'Blue is one of the most universally loved shades globally. It’s associated with attributes such as trust and responsibility,' explains Helen Shaw. 'When used in the home it instantly creates a soothing and harmonious atmosphere due to its connection to the natural world.'

Sue Wadden also agrees that the color blue promotes a calming feel, and adds that it's also known for creating a mood of positivity: 'Blue usually evokes positivity and tranquility. One of the reasons we chose Upward as our 2024 Color of the Year is because we wanted to bring forward the best energy possible into this upcoming year – and blue is a color that people always connect with positivity.'

It's important to remember that the specific shade will affect the mood it creates in blue room ideas, as Sue Kim explains: 'Blue signals trust and stability with the deeper shades and calmness and mindfulness with the lighter shades. Depending on the undertones and the blue shade, it can set a different mood at home. From playful with violet to growth-minded with green, the neighboring colors anchor the blue to express the mood.'

Headshot of Sue Kim
Sue Kim

Sue Kim is Director of Color Marketing for Valspar, forecasting the brand's annual color for over 10 years. With a passion for translating color through key lifestyle trends to create versatile color schemes for the home, she is an expert in enhancing spaces through color. 

How can blue be used in home decor?

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There are so many ways to decorate with blue, and it can be a very complementary hue to incorporate into the home. 'Decorating with blue is one of the all-time interior classics – its familiarity means many of us are more than confident to use it in all its glory,' explains Helen Shaw. When choosing which other colors to incorporate in your decor schemes to complement blue, Helen explains there is a wide range of options: 

'There are endless shades which pair beautifully with blue but punchy colors, such as orange, pop against rich blues. Choose shades with warm undertones to create impact and harmony.'

Helen Shaw
Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw is part of Benjamin Moore's UK division. Color expert and international marketing director, Helen and her husband Craig are founders of Shaw Paints, acquired by Benjamin Moore in 2020.

'Alternatively, a monochromatic scheme using one color will offer a smart tailored finish. Laying in multiple shades of the same hue with varying undertones softens this look, imbuing relaxing energy,' continues Helen.

For Sue Kim, it's also a good idea to consider the more unconventional ways of styling blue paint ideas: 'We anticipate seeing blue embraced in a variety of ways: cabinetry, trim, heirloom furniture. It provides a dose of vibrancy while ensuring living room spaces still feel calm. Blue can turn a room into a conversation starter and deliver a space that feels personal and comfortable.'

Sue Wadden explains that the popularity of blue may be linked to upcoming prominent trends, which lend themselves to decorating with blue: 'We believe the new 'It' trend in the coming years is going to be coastal chic, replacing the farmhouse trend and blue is a perfect paint color to incorporate in the home to achieve this look.'

She adds that there has also been increasing popularity around lighter hues, such as whites which pair well with blue, making them a natural addition to home decor ideas: 'We’ve also seen homeowners leaning more towards whites and lighter tones and blue is the perfect color pairing for those kinds of shades.'

If you're looking to uplift your home with a fresh hue for the year ahead, then blue is an obvious choice. With color experts pointing towards this calming yet inspiring color, it's perfect for adding interest throughout your home, and, depending on how you choose to style it, can lend itself to maximalist decor ideas. Blue might not be for everyone though, so we've rounded up lots more color trends to give you some more decor ideas. 

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