Sherwin-Williams reveals its Color of the Year for 2024 – this ethereal hue will change how you decorate your home

2024 is all about creating welcoming and calming spaces, according to paint company Sherwin-Williams

blue bathroom and dresser
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Sherwin-Williams has announced its 2024 Color of the Year: a calming and muted shade of blue. Forming part of the paint company's annual color trend report for 2024, Anthology: Volume One, Upward SW 6239 is all about creating relaxing spaces in the home. 

'Upward SW 6239 represents the gentle forward momentum in all of our lives,' explains Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

'It brings to life that carefree, sunny day energy that elicits a notion of contentment and peace. With this color, we invite our consumers to take a pause and infuse a new sense of ease and possibility into their spaces – one that doesn’t overwhelm, but rather establishes meditation and tranquility.'

The inspiration behind 2024's Color of the Year

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The subtle blue Color of the Year was carefully crafted to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to spaces, urging consumers to find solace in the color's ethereal presence. 

'As we play with color, it's essential to consider their interactions thoughtfully,' explains Wadden.

'Warmed-up blues might lead to hues that appear muddled and lackluster, which is why preserving the crisp edge and magnetic allure of cool blues is vital. It's these subtle nuances that create spaces that are timeless and inspired. We're excited to share this beautiful color and, craft interiors that exude harmony and evoke a sense of enchantment.'

Sue Wadden
Sue Wadden

With a strong background in design and color leadership, Sue Wadden was appointed director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams in 2016, and has been with the paint brand since 1998.

Collaboration with renowned French pastry chef

light blue bedroom

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In addition to unveiling the new paint color, Sherwin-Williams has also partnered with award-winning French pastry chef Dominique Ansel to bring the new color to life, launching a new vegan Cronut that takes inspiration from the paint color's soft hues.

A cross between a croissant and a doughnut, the limited edition sweet treat is made from flavors that reflect the gentle nature of Upward SW 6239, such as Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, complete with a delicate blue hand-glazed fondant. 

'At first glance, Upward SW 6239 draws up a sense of balance and lightness for me; it’s the same feeling I wanted to impart into our very first vegan flavor. We sourced a butterfly pea flower tea which naturally imparts a soft blue shade into the filling, paired with a creamy coconut riz au lait, all while preserving the light and flaky layers that are signature to our pastry,' explains Ansel.

'This was an exciting challenge for me, and I can't wait for our guests to try it and open their eyes to finding inspiration all around – even where they least expect it,' he says.

How to use the color in your home

blue wall with wooden dresser

(Image credit: Sherwin-Williams)

Color experts at Sherwin-Williams suggest using Upward SW 6239 to set a reflective and calming environment in residential and commercial projects alike. Thanks to its versatility, it can be styled across a number of different interiors, from traditional to minimalist decor styles.  

Wadden explains: 'The hue serves as a reminder to pause and ponder limitless possibilities that can be unlocked in our work, dining, educational spaces and beyond.'

You can opt to color drench a room in the blue hue for a cozy and warming feel, which is perfect for fall decor, or for a more reserved look, use the color on furniture to add a pop of blue to a space.

'Used as an accent or all over, on both interiors and exteriors, Upward SW 6239 clears the way for lightweight open-mindedness,' says Wadden.

To complement decorating with blue, Wadden suggests incorporating deep and dark shades, such as Sherwin-Williams' Tricorn Black, or alternatively soft delicate colors for a more subtle look, such as Snowbound


Where can I purchase the paint?

The Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year is available to purchase at Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide as well as online at

You can also order color samples at

Where can I try out the new Cronut paint?

The new limited edition vegan Upward Cronut® is available from the 21st to the 24th of September 2023 at Dominique Ansel Bakery at 189 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012. 

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