Benjamin Moore's 2024 Color of the Year is a 'mystical' blue – the all-round shade you need to know about

Designed to create a comforting feeling in the home, this new hue is endlessly versatile

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Paint company Benjamin Moore has unveiled its Color of the Year for 2024, alongside a wider palette of color trends for the year ahead.

The 2024 Color of the Year, Blue Nova, is a mid-tone blue with warm violet undertones that is described to have a 'mystical' feel, taking influence from the night sky. Designed to evoke a sense of comfort, Blue Nova is versatile to elevate various rooms throughout the home.

The color trends palette for the coming year spans a range of hues, from rich, dark shades to more pared-back neutrals, designed to create intriguing color pairings that give a sense of juxtaposition. 

'For 2024, we found complementary and contrasting color combinations to be a reoccurring theme throughout our research and the desire for travel and adventure outside of our every day,' Director of Color Marketing at Benjamin Moore Andrea Magno tells H&G. 

'When selecting Blue Nova as our Color of the Year, we loved the balance between mystical and reassuring, which we found to reflect the sentiment going into 2024.'

2024 Color of the Year: Blue Nova

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'Blue Nova has an alluring quality that brings the words 'mystical,' 'otherworldly' and 'cosmic' to life, but there is a classic quality that makes this color a nice alternative to navy.' explains Magno.

While decorating with blue, and specifically this new hue, creates a dramatic yet calming feel if used on all four walls in a room, Magno explains that using it as an accent color is equally effective, explaining: 'Even if Blue Nova is used as an accent or in a smaller amount on cabinetry or painted furniture, the reassuring qualities of blue shine through for appealing color schemes.'

What does blue represent in the home?

'The blue color family has maintained its position on the most popular list for years as it is associated with many positive attributes such as trustworthiness and tranquility,' says Magno.

Blue Nova allows homeowners to reflect the calming nature of blue in the home while embracing a more uplifting hue as opposed to decorating with neutrals, as Magno continues: 'With the desire for adventure and new experiences, we see Blue Nova as reflecting that sensibility and willingness to experiment with color, but paired with the need to make the home a sanctuary that reflects personal style.'

How to style Blue Nova in the home

Blue Nova is an all-round hue that can be styled in many ways throughout the home, according to Magno: 'The depth and contemplative quality of Blue Nova makes it a great fit for a study, or home office. This color is flexible enough to be an excellent color choice for a bedroom, living room, or even a ceiling.'

For an alternative look, Magno suggests: 'Blue Nova is fantastic on cabinetry – think of a kitchen island or a vanity painted in this color. Blue Nova offers an opportunity to be creative whether it is used to drench a room in color or define a portion of a room with a captivating hue.'

2024 Color Trends Palette

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Alongside Blue Nova as the standout color of the year, the paint trends palette for 2024 has been created to encourage homeowners to experiment with pairing different shades together to create a personal and contrasting look.

Magno says: 'The beauty of the Color Trends 2024 Palette is that it tells a story of duality – juxtaposing light against dark, warm and cool. These contrasts invite us to explore the extraordinary, and we hope they not only inspire but also help to empower the color selections you consider in your own spaces.'

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'By exploring relationships on the color wheel, the palette interprets fresh takes on more familiar complements and contrasts that can help you feel more comfortable selecting and incorporating more color in your spaces.' 

The color experts at Benjamin Moore specifically recommend pairing Blue Nova with Topaz (pictured above); Pristine with Antique Pewter; Teacup Rose with Polar Sky; Hazy Lilac with Honeybee; and Regent Green with White Dove. 


Where can I find out more about the Color and Palette for 2024?

You can learn more about Blue Nova and the wider color trends palette for 2024 at

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