Front door trends 2024 – 5 designs and innovations to avoid curb 'appal'

From simple updates to radical rethinks, turn your attention to the outside of your home to get it looking its presentable best

Front door trends 2023
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First impressions are everything, so make sure your front door is a good one – outside and in. A well-chosen front door speaks volumes. We look at all the best front door trends, from a grand entrance at the front of your home to a sublime color scheme for a bold first impression.

A stylish front door will add to the curb appeal of your home and can set the tone for what visitors might expect once inside. Investing in a new front door allows you to take full advantage of the latest advances in materials resulting in strength, efficiency, and security. 

There are plenty of options that mimic classic good looks but do consider modern designs too – a great contemporary design can be every bit as impressive and welcoming as an ornate one. And don’t skimp on the details. The front door color you choose will have an impact, with fashionable tones and classic gloss shades capable of brightening the entire street. 

The front door can say so much about the owner: it can be relaxed and welcoming or more formal. For us, the front door is so important; it is the start of the story and first and last impressions are so important. Below we asked the experts to share the most significant front door trends for 2023.

1. Using more glass to let light filter through

front door design

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From full-height doors to custom inserts, adding more glass to your door is a big front door trend for 2023. Influenced by Crittall’s iconic windows and doors, and the interior trend of industrial style, metal-framed doors are making a real comeback, with original designs vying with contemporary imitators. 

Ideal for modern renovations and new-build homes, they also bring character and texture to contemporary new-builds. Although a range of opening options is available, these doors generally look more authentic as French doors, with door panels set into larger expanses of metal-framed glazing creating the most impressive finish. 

Ensure the metal – including aluminum – doors you are considering have a thermal break (a depth of non-thermally conductive material inside the frame that separates the inside and the outside elements) to prevent excess heat loss and condensation. 

2. Investing in smart locks

Smart front door lock

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Nowadays it feels like everything in our homes is connected to the internet, from our kettles to our TVs, but one area of smart technology that is flourishing is smart security and particularly smart locks. 

For an example of the smart door trend, look no further than Tommy Bartnick from California-based home automation experts Malibu Wired Inc. Malibu Wired is doing a lot of business in smart doors as part of its automation package. 

'We handle all the aspects of automation – including smart locks for front doors,' says Bartnick. 'Smart doors are a good way to introduce your clients to whole-home automation. It’s affordable and it is something that will have an immediate impact on their quality of life, as it will be used multiple times every day.'

Smart locks have come a long way in both technology and design. The best smart locks on the market are not only super effective, but they also look like designer pieces that lend a touch of style to your front door. From August to Kwikset to Yale, there are a wide variety of smart lock input methods and designs, from touchscreens that do away with the keyway entirely to those that you won’t even know are smart locks from the outside. 

This is so much more than just a front-door trend. Front door security is, and will always be important, so be sure to factor this in before undertaking any front door design projects.

Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock | £195 at Amazon

Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock | £195 at Amazon

The Kwikset Halo is a great-looking smart lock. It hugs tight against the door for a low profile and has a glassy sheen that adds a touch of elegance to any door. It’s completely keyless, meaning there’s no place to insert a key. Instead, codes are input through the touchscreen; you can create up to 16 access codes for family and friends.

August Home Smart Lock Pro | $229.11 at Amazon

August Home Smart Lock Pro | $229.11 at Amazon

The August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best-looking smart locks on the market, though, from the outside, you would never know it’s there. 

3. Go for a long-lasting steel or fiberglass door

Black front door and black cladding, converted barn

(Image credit: Urban Front)

If you’ve never changed your front door before, you might be amazed by the range of materials in which they’re available. Personal preference will guide you, but what the door’s made from also has a huge influence on value and security, which is why we are seeing more and more people choose steel and fiberglass for their front doors. 

While timber front doors will always be a firm favorite, especially if you reside in an older property. It is worth noting the benefits of steel and fiberglass if security and durability is your main concern. 

Not only are fiberglass front doors incredibly durable, but they are also water-resistant and energy efficient. Steel doors offer many of the same benefits, so both are worthy investments. 

When it comes to front door styles, contemporary versions have sleek lines and may be solid, feature a glazed section, or be largely glazed. They’re frequently teamed with lever or bar handles. However, if you do love the look of a traditional timber door, you can opt for one that mimics the appearance, but with the security and durability of steel and fiberglass, as shown above. 

4. Introduce bold color

Spring door decor with yellow painted front door

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The importance of choosing the right front door color shouldn’t be underestimated as it sets the tone for your property.

Think about whether you want to match the door to the color of your windows, or if you want to go for a high contrast. Don’t forget about the ironmongery too, as this will have an impact on the overall look and finish. 

You’ll also need to consider if you’re prepared to take on any ongoing maintenance. If your front door is protected from the weather by a porch or overhang, maintenance will be less of an issue, but those with doors that are exposed to the elements will need to make durability more of a priority.

Here, interior designer firm Tyler Karu Design gave the front door of this New England home an exuberant update for spring. 'Much research has been done into how colors affect our mood,' says Tyler Karu. 'Yellow inspires optimism, creating a summery feel; team it with charcoal or navy blue for a truly modern look.'

Get inspiration from your neighbors, too, and try for a unified look. A street with complementary tones looks more appealing than a hotch-potch of mismatched colors.

5. Expand your entryway

spring porch with symmetrical topiary

(Image credit: Tim D Coy / Margaret Ash Design & Home)

When it comes to making your front door more attractive – go big with a wider entrance and double doors, if you have the space. 

'Your chosen front door can say so much about the occupants: The entrance is the first encounter for you, your visitors, and the interiors that lie within,' says designer Monique Tollgard, founder, of Tollgard Design. 'Therefore, you want to ensure that your entryway has ample space. Double doors or larger single doors will not only create a unique aesthetic but will also allow more light to filter through into your home.


What are the front door color trends?

When it comes to the latest front door color trends, we are finding that ‘people are becoming braver with their color choices,’ says Matt Higgs from Klöeber. 

‘We’re seeing requests for brightly colored doors, such as orange and yellow, as opposed to the more standard greys that have been so in demand recently. Black is also proving to be a popular option.’ This could be due to the meaning of the front door color. Black is often associated with positive energy, and it is known to add the most value to a home.

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