A palette of joyful colors give this London home a holiday feel all year round

The Mediterranean colors and artisan pieces designer Belén White Campos decorated with have given this apartment an elegant simplicity

colorful living room with blue console, patterned cushions and gallery wall of colorful artwork, cream sofa and blue shutters
(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

You never know when inspiration will strike – in the case of the owner of this London apartment, one of the world's best homes, it was in a hotel in Athens. There he spotted the easy-on-the-eye schemes of interior designer Belén White Campos of Studio Beleta, who had reworked the restaurants. 

‘I’ve always felt a home should possess the sort of laid-back feel that I enjoy in Greece, where I spend a lot of time,’ says the owner. ‘Belén has a uniquely Mediterranean sensibility, partly because she grew up in Spain, and I knew she’d turn my flat into a sanctuary.’ 

This shared love of relaxed southern European style underpins every decision across the two-bedroom flat, which has a living space that runs across the raised ground floor, where a row of French windows opens out onto a terrace, with views across the communal garden beyond. ‘We really wanted to pull that sense of life and abundance provided by nature right into the space,’ says the owner. 

Having cut her teeth at well-respected studios, including Martin Brudnizki and Cochrane Design, and with footholds in London, Málaga and Lyon, Belén’s design eye encompasses multiple influences, from the color and shaping of Moorish architecture to imperfect ceramics made by hand. 

‘I’m drawn to yellows, greens and blues,’ she says. ‘I also love to go left field by combining those colors with something unexpected, like raspberry pink or cherry red.’ That approach is evident throughout this renovation, where architectural details are picked out in surprising ways (think tall sky blue window frames) and quotidian elements, such as wardrobes and hallway cupboards, have been enlivened by hand-stencilling or by fabric-backed glass panels. 

Living room

living room with ochre chairs and blue cushions and gallery wall of ceramic plates

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

‘The key was to get the layout right first,’ says Belén. ‘The apartment’s living room needed thoughtful zoning to encompass a sociable living area, plus room to dine, entertain and relax. I enjoy creating schemes that feel full and sumptuous while still allowing easy traffic flow. For me, schemes that don’t incorporate a variety of generous shapes and sizes can feel a little lacklustre.’

Among Belén's living room ideas was creating an intriguing display with hand-made ceramic plates on the wall.

living room with fireplace, painting, red striped rug, mid century bookshelf and green patterned cushions on rattan chairs

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Generous use of foliage connects inside and out in the living area.

colorful living room with blue console, patterned cushions and gallery wall of colorful artwork, cream sofa and blue shutters

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Belén describes her approach to color as ‘playful but not too punchy’. She decided to paint the window frames to highlight their height.

Dining area

dining area with blue shutters, windows and doors, white blinds, white Tulip table and rattan chairs

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

There’s something to feast on here in whichever direction the eye travels and together it all adds up to a deeply layered home where woven elements share space with mid-century shapes, and block colour co-exists with hand-painted flourishes.

Dining room ideas include a considered mix of different materials. ‘Materiality is a key element in my schemes,’ says Belén. She has combined marble, rattan, lacquer and hand-painted elements here.


colorful bedroom with red fabric backed glass paneled built in wardrobe, blue walls, blue throw, wooden floor and patterned cushions

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Among Belén's bedroom ideas was refurbishing the existing built-in wardrobe by introducing fabric-backed, full-length glass panels and a painted finish.

She also emphasised the apartment’s lofty proportions by highlighting key integral features, from ceiling heights to cornicing, which she has picked out in the main bedroom in a deep blue, while keeping the walls ‘relatively clean and unfussy’, which she says is the key to contemporising this colorful approach.

blue bedroom with blue walls and dark blue woodwork, colorful artwork, red bobbin console table and curvy mirror

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Belén has created a layered scheme in the bedroom that incorporates color, pattern and a variety of shapes and textures.

The addition of a fireplace on the terrace was all that was needed to complete the laid-back feel and counterbalance the UK’s sometimes less than temperate climate. Other than that, these interiors instantly transport the owner to sunnier shores. ‘It’s a home that feels warm, relaxed and inviting,’ he says. ‘Occupying this space never fails to quiet the mind.’

Interior design/ Studio Beleta

Photographs/ Rachael Smith

Text Emma J Page

Vivienne Ayers
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