HGTV's Noel Gatts decorated actress Reshma Shetty’s home – she takes us on a tour

The designer drew inspiration from New York lounges to create a boutique hotel feel in a domestic setting – this was the result

Reshma Shetty
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When actress Reshma Shetty decided she wanted to decorate her home, she sought help from HGTV host (and her long-time college friend) Noel Gatts – and she made the right choice. 

The British-born New Yorker, best known for her role in Royal Pains, Pure Genius, and Blindspot, enlisted Noel to bring a boutique hotel ambiance into her home while paying homage to its New York postcode. The result is a boldly-hued contemporary maze that turns a formally conventional space into one that's intriguing. 

'My goal with this project was to infuse some life and personality into a builder-grade home,' Noel says in her conversation with H&G

'Reshma is a little bit glam and was attracted to more contemporary lines, art, and patterns. As such, we looked to sleek NYC lounge spaces for inspiration so that everything would feel like a high-end hotel lobby or bar but still cozy and inviting.'

Breakfast nook in Reshma Shetty's home

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The home, located in Westchester County, NY, offers lessons in decorating with blue and white alongside its exemplary natural lighting ideas and luxurious textiles. It showcases Reshma without sacrificing comfort and is designed to be enjoyed by all who pass through the actress's home. 

'Reshma has a great eye and knew that she wanted pops of vibrant color in her fave shades of blues and greens and lots of comfy seating for visitors – family and friends alike,' the designer says. 

Here, Noel Gatts shares her decorating ideas and design choices as she walks us through the home. 


'We kept this area simple and open. It was more about adding some color and life than any major design elements. It's where two powerful paint colors and a soft patterned pale blue Etched Fern Schumacher wallpaper meet,' Noel says. 

'There is a deep Charlotte Slate by Benjamin Moore blue on the conjoining long hallway wall, and the super saturated Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore in the dining room and the Salon, which open up into the entryway.'


Reshma Shetty’s home

(Image credit: Lisa Russman Photography)

Moving from the entryway, Noel created the salon as a place for music and contemplation amid daily life. It's also the perfect place for entertaining when the actress and her husband have guests. 

While there is a lot to love in the salon, Noel says that its dark paint ideas are her favorite design choice. 'There is welcoming sunlight, but it all stays a bit mysterious,' she says.

'Wrapping the walls in a deep blue felt comforting and glamorous, while the large windows allow plenty of sunlight to pour in. A black velvet sofa and silver high-back chair balance the cool black shine of the piano and create a space for listening and lounging. Light washes of white, blues, and greens in photographs, art, and pillows are striking against the dark walls and add inspiring energy.'

Dining Room 

Reshma Shetty’s home

(Image credit: Lisa Russman Photography)

Much like the entryway and salon, the dining room continues to exhibit bold color choices through its combination of blue and white walls and furnishings – a statement that didn't go unnoticed by Reshma. 

'[She] appreciated the details that elevated this space,' Noel explains. 'There are stunning splashes of gold in modern interpretations and swathes of blues and greys anchored by a dark accent wall, a large but streamlined chandelier, and the fluid live edge dining table with a powerful base.'

Living Room 

Reshma Shetty’s home

(Image credit: Lisa Russman Photography)

Like all living room ideas, comfort and scale were vital in this space. Therefore, in this room, Noel slightly toned down the pallet – to create a light and airy atmosphere that accentuates the light from surrounding windows. 

'An oversized sofa outlines the space, with two large ivory swivel chairs and a delicate but dynamic glass coffee table. The large Jaipur Living rug is a stunning swirl of color with aqua blues, ivory, and flecks of warm golden tones,' the designer adds. 

Breakfast Nook 

Reshma Shetty’s home

(Image credit: Lisa Russman Photography)

The breakfast nook is Noel's favorite space in the home, and it's easy to see its appeal. With its high ceilings and striking marble decor, this area is a luxurious, light, and airy place to have a coffee at the start of the day.

'The family regularly gathers at the table over a bright geometric rug circled by jewel-toned blue velvet dining chairs,' Noel adds. '[Plus], the sky Etched Fern Schumacher wallpaper is the perfect fluid backdrop to the area, softly highlighting the height and angles of the architecture.'

Upstairs reading nook 

Reshma Shetty’s home

(Image credit: Lisa Russman Photography)

'This reading nook is a surprise moment. Overall, the landing upstairs is clear and bright, with a few structured photographs lining the walls. But then, there is a little angled enclave with a sunny window above that turned out to be the perfect spot to escape with a book or for a catnap,' Noel says. 

The designer adds that the space is wrapped in a high contrast black and white Magnolia wallpaper by Olivia + Poppy and accompanied by a soft flokati rug underneath and some comfy footstools.

Primary Bedroom 

Reshma Shetty’s home

(Image credit: Lisa Russman Photography)

Reshma's bedroom epitomizes the modern-elegant themes that run throughout the entire project. 

Noel drew from the natural views that stretch beyond the bedroom window and incorporated an ethereal cool rug and brought a dark, structured bed into the space. 'Emerald greens in the swivel chairs and art pop off of gray-black and gold base tones, and deep green wallpaper with gold filigree, and the cloud-like design of the rug help to soften the space,' she says.

'The ring chandelier draws the eye upward and tops off the futuristic comfort of the space.'

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