This cozy DIY dining nook by Emily Henderson turns a useless corner into something chic and practical

This dining nook is the ultimate cozy space

dining nook
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Dining rooms can be somewhat of a luxury in the home, with lots of homes not allowing the space for a separate space for dining.

More commonly, dining spaces are integrated into open living spaces or kitchens which promotes a laid-back and modern way of living. Despite a more informal approach, it's still important to pay consideration to the space you eat at, ensuring it's both a functional and aesthetic space to enjoy meals.

Demonstrating just how stylish dining areas can be, we're inspired by interior designer Emily Henderson's recent Instagram post; a dining nook created by Mallory Interiors in her studio apartment, showing you don't need endless square footage to create a chic space. 

You can read all about the process of designing this dining nook on Emily Henderson's blog, but we're focusing on the decor that is perfect for creating a laid-back dining space. Rather than having traditional dining chairs, the space cleverly integrates benches that also provide storage, which works well in rooms such as this one where space is limited, while also achieving a cozy and relaxed look that is ideal for everyday use. 

Robin Aebischer, co-founder of BUYnBLUE observes the space as a 'clever utilization of multifunctional furniture' with the seating is 'not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical in maximizing space.' 

Opting for a circular table instead of a more traditional rectangle is also a good option for open dining spaces like this, as it encourages the flow of the space and prevents it from feeling boxed in. 

Another clever design feature in this space is the statement light fixture, creating a point of interest above the table. If you're limited with floor space, this is a functional yet stylish dining room lighting idea that doesn't take up valuable floor space. 

Lastly, the addition of the gallery wall further helps create a cozy and homely feel to the space and is another way of allowing creativity without large furniture items. In this home, a monochrome scheme is adopted with matching frames, but you can include whatever colors or styles you like on a gallery wall; a perfect way to inject personality into a dining space. 

Create a stylish dining nook with these pieces

We've rounded up some similar pieces to help you recreate the look of this modern dining nook, which you can shop below. 

'With the right design elements, dining areas can be both beautiful and functional, even in homes with limited space,' says Robin. 'These ideas work well because they prioritize practicality without compromising on style.'

If you're feeling inspired, we how lots more dining room ideas to help you on your way. It's also worth considering these dining room layout mistakes to ensure you create the most functional space. 

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