Is black matte hardware still on trend? Experts discuss whether it's outdated or classic

Black matte hardware certainly divides opinions – but is it still a go-to choice or a trend of the past?

Is black matte hardware still on trend?
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Different styles and designs come in and out of favor, but is black matte hardware still on trend? It dominated trends in the past, but as more traditional finishes continue to prove popular this year, is there still a place for black matte hardware, or is it an outdated choice?

This year, there has been a clear shift in interior design trends, with interior designers and homeowners both gravitating towards more traditional, timeless aesthetics, especially when it comes to hardware. Warm metals such as brass and gold have prevailed, and even chrome finishes have experienced a revival. But where does this leave black matte hardware?

To find out whether or not black matte hardware is still on trend, we've turned to interior designers and kitchen experts to find out if there i still a place for this dark finish in our homes – and it seems it's splitting opinions.

Is black matte hardware still on trend?

White kitchen with matte black hardware

(Image credit: Dmar Interiors/Charlotte Lea Photography)

Black matte hardware dominated trends in years passed – from kitchen cabinet hardware to bathroom faucets and shower heads – but was it a fleeting trend or one that's here to stick around?

'We still love black hardware and it usually makes its way into at least one place in each project. The trick to keeping it looking elevated is to find hardware pieces that have interesting shapes or details,' says Mollie Ranize, founder and principal designer at Dmar Interiors.

'The other reason it's still a go-to is that rooms inherently look more interesting when there is a mix of finishes, textures and details,' she adds. This year's interior design trends are embracing a more eclectic aesthetic, so introducing black matte hardware with more classic finishes can help to create a visually appealing scheme.

While black hardware isn't appearing as a staple addition in this year's biggest trends, Yester Home's resident style advisor, Laura Styles, notes that there has been a considerable increase in their searches for black hardware in the past year. 'It shouldn’t be considered a passing trend. Black hardware is a timeless option, whether you are leaning into a contemporary new build style or looking to complement the existing character of your period house,' she says.

Bathroom with a wooden vanity and black hardware

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Not everyone is quite as keen on black matte hardware, though. While this moody finish feels right in contemporary homes, some experts prefer the classic options in traditional homes, such as warm-toned metals.

'While black hardware is a great finish in modern kitchens, we’ve seen a shift towards customers looking to incorporate more textured and softer finishes into their kitchens. Warmer, rustic tones are certainly more popular in terms of color palette, so various brass finishes are more in demand,' says Paul Clifford, managing director at Croft.

He's not the only one gravitating toward the more traditional hardware finishes – perhaps unsurprising as these classic metals are proving most popular this year. 'Black hardware started to become popular however this trend seems to have run its course reverting to brass and chrome finishes. Black is quite a stark, hard finish to use against most colors whereas softer metal finishes have much more style longevity,' adds Jayne Everett, creative director at Naked Kitchens.

Kitchen with chrome and brass hardware

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Opinions on black matte hardware are split, but it seems there is no denying it still has its place in the right schemes – more so modern and transitional spaces – but making it feel classic and stylish is all about how you style it.

'Black cupboard handles are a fantastic option to elevate and update an existing wardrobe, storage unit, or even kitchen cupboards, without breaking the bank. For a contemporary look, opt for curved cup handles or knobs with a ribbed finish to add a tactile element that will make the space feel more luxurious,' suggests Laura.

Pink and green kitchen with wooden shelving with black brackets

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While kitchen and bathroom hardware might be the obvious places to use black matte hardware, there are other more nuanced ways to introduce this darker finish. 'Shelf brackets are a versatile choice that will add a statement to a variety of rooms. Swap out a traditional metallic bracket for a matte finish, which will pair seamlessly with light wood finishes, such as oak or beech, that reflect easy-going Scandi style,' says Laura.

Black matte hardware may be considered a finish best suited to modern interiors, but there are plenty of ways to style a scheme that works in almost any interior design style, whether your space embraces California casual design or something more traditional like Spanish revival.

Bedrooms cupboards with a soft green paint color and a mix of black and gold hardware

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For a more eclectic look, Mollie suggests pairing black matte with other hardware finishes: 'We tend to mix finishes between cabinetry hardware, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and wall accessories like towel rings and bars. It's more fun when things don't look like they came as a set.'

She adds that the key to a successful design is to try different combinations – the finishing touches should be the fun part. 'Never use the same hardware in every room – black or not. Keep hardware fun, it's easy to change it out through the years as trends may change,' Mollie says.

While opinions are mixed, there is still a place for black matte hardware in interior design. It may have fallen somewhat out of favor in more traditional homes, but there are plenty of styles that prove black matte hardware is still on-trend and here to stay.

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