'It girl interiors' is the new effortlessly chic aesthetic we all want to achieve – here's why designers love the trend

The interior designers behind 'bookshelf wealth' are back with a new trend they predict will be huge in 2024

An image of two shades of wood veneer, a staircase with painted detailing and a 70s-style living room
(Image credit: ALPI; Future; Soho House)

2024 has seen a swift return to maximalism, with characterful interiors and bold design choices appearing everywhere we turn. Designers and homeowners alike are getting creative and expressing their personality throughout their spaces – and the result is truly exciting. 

When designing with personal preferences in mind, the opportunity for bold, colorful design fads to emerge only expands. And this year has already churned out some trendy yet timeless design ideas we can't get enough of.

Kailee Blalock, co-founder of San Diego-based House of Hive Design Co., might already be familiar if you've read up on the trends – she garnered attention on social media for her take on 'bookshelf wealth' earlier this year. And now, she's back with four out-of-the-box, 'it girl' design trends that she says you should keep your eye on as 2024 goes on. From a stylish wood veneer to the return of the lava lamp, these are the 2024 design trends to monitor.


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'These are the new it-girl interior design trends that you're about to see infiltrate the market,' Kailee says in a TikTok, running through four design trends she can't wait to see more of as the year goes on. Though certainly bold and expressive, the trends offer a little something for every interior design style. Here's what to know.

1. Sottsass wood veneer

Two shades of Sottsass wood veneer from ALPI

(Image credit: ALPI)

The first of Kailee's trend predictions has to do with a groundbreaking wood finish that's on the rise once again. Italian cabinetry and composite company ALPI has resurrected a groovy wood veneer created by late architect and furniture designer Ettore Sottsass in the 80s. 

Part of the Memphis design movement, this finish brought eye-catching detail and asymmetrical charm to wood surfaces everywhere. Its detailing and pattern is truly unique. Now, Kailee says she's seeing ALPI's Sottsass range, and its remakes, everywhere.

'Studio Greiling used it in this gorgeous yellow color, and I've been seeing it applied to a lot of furniture recently, and I absolutely adore it in this red,' she says, referencing recent uses of the finish in bright pops of color.

House of Hive
Kailee Blalock and Taylor Troia

Co-founders of House of Hive Design Co., Kailee and Taylor launched their San Diego-based interior design firm in 2023. With a combined experience that spans over a decade, they specialize in highly custom interior design for luxury clients, with a signature style that holds a traditional foundation. Renowned for coining the term "Bookshelf Wealth," House of Hive Design Co. embraces the use of collected and thrifted items to create personalized, story-telling spaces. 

2. Painted stairs

Blue and green scheme, blue painted tiled staircase, patterned blue wallpaper with green chair and green accessories

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

The next interiors trend Kailee says she expects much more of in 2024 is painted staircases. Showing a bare wooden staircase with an eye-catching, painted-on pattern and a set of stairs with detailing on each individual step, she explains that no matter the application, this is 'becoming a more popularized way to spice up a home.' 

'I think we're really in the era of making things cool again, so adding funky tile to stairs like this, or like this, is going to be absolutely huge this year,' she adds, pointing to photos of stylishly tiled staircases in bright, bold colors.

Painted tile risers, bold patterned stair runners or simply a funky coat of paint only scratches the surface of staircase design possibilities that have gone underused and underappreciated. As Kailee reminds us, the staircase has the potential to be a stand-out design feature on its own – no need for simple wood finishes or neutral, worn-down runners.

3. Sculptural decor

Traditional, large white entryway with curved staircase, classical sculpture on table,

(Image credit: Katharine Pooley)

'Sculptural pieces to spice up a corner are absolutely going to be a new it-girl feature,' Kailee continues. 'Whether that be a freestanding piece, or one that's actually built into the home, I think we're going to be seeing a lot of this.'

She references several images of tall, towering sculptural pieces used in corners or as space dividers to demonstrate the design possibilities sculpture offers. No matter your style, a sculptural piece that's complementary will elevate your design scheme, making your home feel more museum-like – in the best sense of the word. 

Experiment with expansive sculptures or subtle accessories throughout your home for that extra touch of chic. In this entryway, designed by Katharine Pooley, a marble bust propped on a pedestal accentuates the design statement made by a stunning spiral staircase.

Shop our chic sculptural accessories edit from Net-a-Porter below.

4. Lava lamps

Mid century living room

(Image credit: Soho Home)

'And finally, I know we've been seeing a lot of sunset lamps, because we've all learned that ambient lighting is the key to success,' Kailee says in the video. 'But I'm telling you right now, lava lamps are coming back. And seeing them in sconce format is chef's kiss.'

Showing off images of ultra-chic takes on the lava lamp, Kailee shares her most avant-garde prediction yet. But this well-loved light fixture might just be on the comeback after all. When mounted to the wall like sconces or made to be a bit more elevated than the ones we know and love, these lamps deliver on warm, ambient lighting that's inviting to all.

We're seeing retro home decor on the rise already, so it's no surprise that a 70s trend has made its way into the mix. Just part of the interior design world's ever-cyclical nature, we're curious to see if the lava lamp trend will take.

With maximalism on the rise and personality-forward interiors stealing hearts in 2024, it's no surprise that these bold, characterful design trends are being noticed. Thanks to House of Hive, we have loads of new trends to try out – and the key is keeping things colorful.

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