10 exciting pattern trends you can’t afford to miss in 2024

Discover the pivotal pattern themes trending in interiors this year

three rooms with patterned wallpaper
(Image credit: Blueberry Jones Design/Avery Nicole / Lambrakos Studio/Divya Pande / Living with Lolo/Life Created)

Pattern trends 2024 are just as crucial within the interior design world as they are on the fashion catwalks. Each season, textile designers, interior designers, and style tastemakers alike all pay close attention to what’s trending on the pattern scene.

This is because pattern has the power to make or break a scheme. Choose wisely to add depth, personality and impact to your interiors. Make a pattern misstep with dowdy motifs or washed-up colors and, all-too-soon, your freshly decorated new room will feel like old news.  

From brave, geometric prints and modern florals to watercolor-inspired and biophilic designs, we’ve got patterns that are huge in interior design trends right now and hold the potential to transform your room’s atmosphere and energy for the better.

cloakroom bathroom with green vanity and whacky wallpaper

(Image credit: Maestri Studio/Nathan Schroder)

This latest pattern drop is exactly what you need if you’re looking to create focal points, dial up the color, add movement and set the mood. Before you start planning your next decor scheme, tap into these leading pattern trends 2024 and meet your perfect pattern partner.

1. Florals take a geometric turn

chair and side table against brown wallpapered wall

(Image credit: Vanderhurd)

No pattern trend line-up should start without checking in on where we're at with florals. On wallpaper, curtains or rug trends, featuring ditsy prints or blowsy fronds, florals are a timeless pattern choice that’s constantly reinvented for fresh audiences. For 2024, Vanderhurd is seeing florals steered in a distinctly modern direction by adding a geometric twist.

‘Flowers in nature have a wondrous and enchanting geometry which I have been drawn to throughout my career. The inter-looping pattern of my design Daisy Chain, for example, takes an organic form and regulates it into a simple but effective design that pulls one in unsuspectingly. I think that is why geometric florals are so engaging to a designer's eye and why one now finds them used so frequently,’ says textile designer, Christine van der Hurd. 

The best thing about florals taking a geometric turn? ‘It belies a quiet drama and works equally well in smaller as well as larger spaces,’ says Christine.

Christine van der Hurd
Christine van der Hurd

Esteemed British textile designer and founder of Vanderhurd, Christine van der Hurd has collaborated with everyone from Louis Vuitton and Liberty to Kit Kemp on her stunning hotel interiors. Known for her bold use of pattern, texture and color, Christine’s bespoke rugs, textiles and wallpaper are available from her studio on London’s Portobello Road, and showrooms worldwide.  

2. The new waves

blue media room with blue tub armchairs and big tv on wall

(Image credit: Creative Tonic Design/Julie Soefer)

The scallop trend that continues to enthrall us has influenced a move away from straight lines to more free-flowing, wavy patterns. A layered approach is the most effective way to take on this squiggly, unstructured pattern trend because, says Courtnay Tartt Elias of Creative Tonic Design, waves ‘are no longer relegated to upholstery and trim.'

‘Here, snake wallpaper on the ceiling mimics the dynamic movement of waves, while slightly angular scalloped millwork also provides visual interest without overwhelming. Mixing elements like the ric-rac trim on these curtains, the wallpapered ceiling, and the detailed millwork, with more linear, defined pieces in a similar colorway allows the space to feel visually exciting, yet coherent and comfortable,’ she explains. 

‘I absolutely love to use multiple versions of a pattern or shape in various ways throughout a space, and waves/wavy lines are a wonderful way to do so!’

Courtnay Tartt Elias
Courtnay Tartt Elias

Courtnay founded Creative Tonic Design in Houston, Texas in 2006 with a passion for weaving brilliance into her surroundings and composing vibrant environments that invite celebration. With a fearless use of color and decidedly inventive flair, Courtnay’s award-winning work has been praised by renowned editorial teams worldwide and can be found within the pages of several showcase coffee table books. She believes that more is splendidly more and delights in sharing her vibrant approach to celebrating everyday moments. 

3. Playful Pop Art

bedroom with wallpaper covered in red lips and red lamp on side table

(Image credit: Divya Pande/Lambrakos Studio)

A frequent influence in the fashion world, the Pop Art scene is making its move on interiors this year with bright and breezy graphic patterns everyone is talking about. Reflecting the energetic and rebellious spirit of the 1960s, these patterns often feature striking combinations of primary colors, oversized prints, and iconic motifs. 

‘Dispersed around a room, Pop Art influenced pattern forms a captivating graphic environment that invites you to revel in its playful irony,’ enthuses firm fan, Mary Lambrakos of Lambrakos Studio. ‘With Pop Art, every move is bold, graphic, and planar. This movement between art and design merges creativity, allowing us to blur the boundaries of color and form.’

Use Pop Art pattern to create dynamic accent walls, enliven otherwise neutral spaces, or infuse quiet corners with playfulness. It’s a strong pattern choice that somehow feels both contemporary and nostalgic. 

Mary Lambrakos portrait
Mary Lambrakos

A native Houstonian raised in a close-knit Greek-American family, Mary Lambrakos is a rising star on the Texas design scene. Lambrakos’ formal education, far-flung global travels, and passion for architectural and design history all inform her brilliant, intuitive approach to interior design, spatial planning, furniture design, and art advisory services. Her interiors are carefully-considered, masterfully constructed, and altogether unforgettable.

4. Whimsical works

cloakroom with blue wallpaper and gold taps and wall light and white sink

(Image credit: Lucas Eilers Design Associates)

Playful prints are taking a more grown-up direction this year, bringing their charms throughout the home, not just in the nursery. Look for strong, sophisticated colors, like this sapphire blue, for a mature new twist on whimsical patterns.

‘Life is too short not to add a bit of whimsy to our interior spaces,’ agrees Sandra Drews Lucas, co-founder of Lucas Eilers Design Associates. ‘This Jim Thompson wallpaper, inspired by an ancient Thai Temple mural, initially appears as a serious deep blue and white toile, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a playful forest scene adorned with tropical plants and lively animals. This unexpected touch infuses a delightful playfulness into what would otherwise be a utilitarian space.’

Use whimsical patterns to breathe life into your living room, add a touch of humor to your cloakroom, or to spark joy in your kitchen. Mix whimsical patterns with sophisticated finishes and strong colors to ensure a balanced approach that’s not just for the kids.

Sandra Drews Lucas
Sandra Drews Lucas

From an early age, Sandra Drews Lucas has harbored an appreciation for design, beauty and order. Over the years, she has developed a design philosophy which employs the principles and elements of design in each of her memorable, timeless and innovative interiors. An integrated team approach and clear assessment of her client’s vision ensures the success of each project.

5. Pattern overhead

kids home office with blue wallpapered ceiling and two office chairs

(Image credit: Morgan Harrison Home/Jane Beiles)

It’s not just pattern trends that are changing; how they’re used is also getting a rethink for 2024. Embracing pattern on the ceiling, and limiting it elsewhere, is gaining traction, and there are benefits aplenty. 

‘Taking pattern to the ceiling is a creative way to add a touch of fun without feeling the need to commit to a wall-to-wall design. We love a bold and graphic pattern on the ceiling as it adds personality to a space and lends visual interest to smaller rooms,’ explains Michelle Morgan Harrison of Morgan Harrison Home.

‘This trend is gaining traction as a sleek, minimalistic alternative to the pattern-drenched designs we've been seeing for the last couple of years. It also adds an element of surprise as one has to look up to take in the design, which leaves you wondering, 'What other unexpected design elements are hiding in plain sight?' 

Any pattern works for this trend but, because it’s being limited to the ceiling, Michelle likes to go bold. ‘Then tie the pattern into other elements, as we did here with the blinds and lampshade, so that everything feels seamless and intentional.’

Michelle Morgan Harrison
Michelle Morgan Harrison

Morgan Harrison Home is a full-service firm specializing in construction, renovation, and full home design. Michelle and her team work closely with each client to thoughtfully create fresh and liveable environments that beautifully embrace their personal style and each family’s day-to-day needs.

6. Quiet Luxury

bedroom with white linen and neutral patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Morrison Interiors/Chad Mellon)

The quiet luxury trend is proving such a hit this year, and the air of understated elegance that comes with it will surely secure long-term endurance for this exclusive décor style. 

If you prefer subtle pattern, quiet luxury is the pattern trend for you. ‘The soft neutrals and cashmere tones associated with quiet luxury provide a versatile backdrop that allows dynamic, pacey patterns to shine without overwhelming the space,’ explains Denise Morrison, founder of Morrison Interiors. ‘Neutral tones contribute to a cozy, inviting, and harmonious environment. This creates an understated yet luxurious ambiance, adding a timeless and elegant feeling to the room.’

Denise Morrison
Denise Morrison

California-based Denise studied at Cal State Fullerton, where she learned her trademark design principle: tension. A beautiful antique with a modern sofa. A vibrant painting in a cool, minimal living room. It’s this tension and balance between design elements that sets the framework for her unforgettable interiors.

7. Biophilic inspired

bedroom with green leafy wallpaper and beige bed with wooden frame and sisal rug

(Image credit: Sarah Jeffreys Architecture + Interiors)

Patterns inspired by biophilic design are making a significant impact for 2024, bringing the beauty and vitality of nature indoors in a warm, inviting way. The beauty of biophilic pattern lies in its versatility. 

Go for subtle nods to nature and delicate greenery-based patterns for a classic, pared-back approach, or dial up the maximalist with a more immersive print that envelopes the room in lush foliage. Whichever way you go, biophilic pattern will secure a home that refreshes and rejuvenates the spirit. 

‘Biophilic prints and motifs infuse spaces with innate tranquility, perfect for creating serene atmospheres in areas such as bedrooms, libraries, or dens,’ agrees architect, Sarah Jeffreys. Even for those who usually shy away from patterns and maximalism, the natural motifs of flora and foliage offer a sense of comfort and familiarity, enabling the introduction of vibrant color in a liveable way.’

Sarah Jeffreys
Sarah Jeffreys

Raised between New York City and London, Sarah Jefferys founded her namesake design firm, Sarah Jefferys Architecture + Interiors, in 2001 after earning a BA in Architectural Studies and History of Art from Tufts University, a Masters of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and working with renowned architectural firms across the globe. 


8. Mid-century moods

bedroom with retro graphic wallpaper and white bed linen

(Image credit: Living with Lolo/Life Created)

For a fresh, classic look with retro appeal, look no further than the latest Mid-century inspired patterns. ‘Mid-century patterns are trending because they blend nostalgia with timeless style,’ says Lauren Lerner founder of Living with Lolo. ‘To use them in a modern way, mix with contemporary elements, choose a focal point, play with scale, and balance bold colors with neutrals. Popular shapes include geometric and organic forms, while earthy tones like olive green and mustard yellow are also on-trend.’ 

Lauren Lerner
Lauren Lerner

Lauren established her Arizona-based design firm in 2017 with an approach that focuses on how a space makes her clients feel, rather than simply how it looks. Lauren has assembled a diverse team of designers and operations professionals to offer white-glove interior design and build services nationwide.

9. Art Deco update

cloakroom bathroom with art deco wallpaper

(Image credit: Outline Interiors/Margaret Rajic)

Art Deco patterns are a hot trend in home decor right now, celebrated for their opulent, symmetrical repeat patterns and crowd-pleasing appeal. A popular choice for heritage homes, like this condo in Chicago’s iconic Palmolive Building, built in 1929, make Art Deco pattern your go-to for introducing authenticity and elegance. 

‘Here, we wanted to acknowledge the history of the building in our client's Powder Room, but keep it updated,’ recalls Laura Tribbett, principal and founder of Outline Interiors. ‘It's all about mixing a classic pattern with a more modern form to create that fresh look. The modern sconce, the bold charcoal paneling, and the transitional sink stand work well together to create something special.’ 

The joy of a timeless pattern from the Art Deco period is how it can be reinvented. ‘Take an Art Deco pattern, but give it a modern color palette, like this goldenrod and charcoal, and you've created something totally new,’ says Laura.

Laura Tribbett
Laura Tribbett

Best known for her modern, comfortable and district aesthetic, Laura Tribbett has more than 16 years of luxury residential interior design experience and has worked on projects on all scales around the world. She founded Chicago-based Outline Interiors in 2015 and has a degree in interior design from TCU.

10. Watercolor works

entrance hall with watercolor wallpaper and purple and red rug

(Image credit: Blueberry Jones Design/Avery Nicole)

With its swirling, painterly swooshes and palette of soft greens and blues, the watercolor pattern trend is captivating our hearts this season. Seen on curtains, upholstery, wall covering, cushions and bed linen, this soft, fluid pattern in delicate color blends is beyond dreamy. 

‘I particularly love how patterns featuring watercolor-style paint-strokes can add a sense of movement within a space,’ enthuses Lindsie Davis, Founder and Principal Designer of Blueberry Jones Design. ‘They create the illusion of shifting patterns that ebb and flow and help to soften bolder moments of color and shape. When applied in soft hues, water-scapes can easily complement a range of styles with a very soothing effect. The movement of patterns not only makes the space feel fresh and inviting but also calming and liveable.’

Lindsie Davis
Lindsie Davis

With an extraordinary command for color and an eye for mixing styles, Blueberry Jones’ founder and principal designer Lindsie Davis loves to keep a space lively with unexpected playful moments. Based in Texas, Lindsie is not afraid of color and believes patterns can be neutrals. 

Patterns are 100% trending this year, and it’s hard to imagine a home that hasn’t embraced pattern in a big way. Layering pattern is huge – piling stipes over florals over geometrics and so on – and the results are explosively creative. 

While pattern choices are largely personal, Eddie Maestri, creative director of Maestri Studio, is a firm believer in going for it with powerful patterns that bring daily joy. ‘I like patterns that are fun and evoke a story or something playful,’ he says. ‘There are plenty of uses for patterns that just add a color or texture, but I mainly use pattern for creating impact, especially when choosing patterned wallpaper, which is great for achieving a bold, fashion-forward space.’

Linda Clayton

Linda graduated from university with a First in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting. Her career began on a trade title for the kitchen and bathroom industry, and she has worked for Homes & Gardens, and sister-brands Livingetc, Country Homes & Interiors and Ideal Home, since 2006, covering interiors topics, though kitchens and bathrooms are her specialism.