This is one of the 'biggest mistakes' you can make in a small bedroom – here's what Shea McGee does instead

A small bedroom doesn't need to compromise on style, according to the design expert

Small bedroom design and headshot of Shea McGee
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Small bedrooms come with their fair share of design challenges. When square footage is limited, it can be tricky to adequately fit bedroom furniture while still achieving a practical layout and a stylish look. 

Interior designer Shea McGee is no stranger to the challenges posed by small bedrooms and recently took to Instagram to weigh in on the small bedroom mistakes she often notices. 

Her spring primary bedroom is a prime example of a space-restricted sleep room, but the designer proves how spaces like these can be just as visually appealing as larger bedroom ideas

While you may feel that a small bedroom can't afford the luxury of a focal point, Shea explains that the opposite is true. In this bedroom, despite its limited size, Shea talks in the video about how she opted to make the headboard wall the main focus to ensure the room has design interest.

'One of the biggest mistakes I see in small bedroom designs is that people just shove all of the bedroom furniture into the corner and they don’t consider maximizing every inch so that they can get a focal point,' Shea says in the Instagram video.

Furniture shouldn't be too large for a small bedroom to the point where it makes the room's flow impractical, however, Shea encourages filling the space as much as possible. This is demonstrated in the space, which features a well-proportioned bed and nightstands on either side, showing that small bedrooms can be just as comfortable and interesting. 

A fully made bed with throw pillows and blankets

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To maximize the available space properly, you should start by measuring the room's proportions and working out what furniture pieces you can incorporate. You should aim to fill the space without obstructing walkways.  

'The great thing about measuring and taping everything out is that you can make sure that you’re filling everything as much as possible and not going too small in your small room with furniture,' concludes Shea. 

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