6 spring bedroom ideas that will uplift and reenergize your sleep space

Look to breathe new life into your bedroom with these design-led ways to refresh your decor for spring. Just in time for the changing weather

yellow floral twin bedroom with wallpaper and country decor
(Image credit: Joshua Smith Inc / Photography Read McKendree)

As the vibrancy of a new season starts to bloom outside our windows, surely it's time to inject a little bit of that into our homes, too? And what space in your home deserves a revitalizing touch more than your bedroom?

Spring decor ideas do exactly what they say on the tin. They help to curate a space that mirrors the transformations happening in nature. By incorporating small, springtime swaps into your existing bedroom decor, you can aim to achieve a refreshed and inviting sleep space that is full of abundant light, botanicals, and hushed tones. Sounds rather dreamy, doesn't it.

From soothing color palettes that mimic fresh spring flowers to clever ways to let in more of that early morning light, we've curated a collection of the best spring bedroom ideas from interior designers that will help you breathe a breath of fresh air into your bedroom.

6 Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom Decor For Spring

Not quite the same as a spring clean, decorating your home for spring is more focused on your style choices. It's the little things that make up the overall scheme and ambiance of your bedscape. Now of course, a good declutter, reorganize, and spritz down is always going to be beneficial to the look and feel, but this is taking that one step further to truly elevate your bedroom for the new season ahead. 

Whether you choose a few simple swaps like new bed linen and airier drapes or make more of a subtle statement with fresh wallpaper or a lick of paint, the trick is focusing on design elements that work seamlessly with your bedroom scheme already and can easily be switched back out for cozier textures come winter. 

1. Swap out your sheets

bedroom with khaki linen bedsheets and airy color palette

(Image credit: Liz Marchant Interiors)

Start off simple and do a quick refresh of your bed linen. The best bed sheets are the foundation of a good night's sleep and a key element in the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. Change out any heavy winter fabrics like flannel or thick cotton and opt instead for lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen to ensure comfort during steamy nights.

Infusing soft pastel, or muted colors and floral patterns can instantly create a refreshing atmosphere, setting the tone for a rejuvenated sleep. Experiment with textures as well; consider a sateen finish for a touch of luxury or introduce a subtle embroidered detail.

'The first thing I recommend doing for a spring refresh in the bedroom is to swap out your winter sheets and bedding for spring ones,' suggests interior designer Kathy Kuo. 'Think crisp percale sheets, rather than flannel ones, and lighter cotton throw blankets instead of heavier woven wool or quilted ones,' she advises.

Designer Bethany Adams agrees. 'The easiest way to do this is to swap out your bedding for lighter pieces. In my home I switch out our flannel sheets, feather-down filled duvets, and velvet quilts for linen, silk, and cotton versions come spring,' says Bethany.

2. Add seasonal touches to your nightstand

yellow floral wallpapered spring bedroom with seasonal nightstand

(Image credit: Joshua Smith Inc / Photography Read McKendree)

Of course, the best part about spring is the abundance of fresh flowers around. And while we all might be used to adding a bouquet to the kitchen or spring living room, our bedroom – and the nightstand to be exact – is just as deserving of a little bloom.

'Once you've made your bed for spring, add small decorative touches to your nightstands to give them a seasonal update,' continues Kathy Kuo. 'Think bud vases with fresh flowers, stacks of books with lighter colored covers.'

Consider adding a few fresh flowers in a vase to your bedside table alongside a scented candle with light, floral notes, and a stack of your favorite reads to create a more personalized and inviting space next to where you lay your head. 

Kristina Khersonsky, principal and founder of Studio Keeta, says that refreshing your space with seasonal florals is an easy and impactful small touch. 'Head to your local farmers market and pick up in-season florals,' she suggests. 'Our favorites are ranunculus or hyacinths. Adding a vase of flowers to your nightstands to bring the outside in is a simple addition that can be done in a day.'

3. Switch heavy fabrics for lighter drapes, rugs and accessories

neutral spring bedroom with blue floral blind and rattan furniture decor accents

(Image credit: Ryann Swan Design / Photography Read McKendree)

Just like linens, the transition from winter to spring calls for a change in textiles throughout your entire bedroom. Rugs, cushions, and curtains play a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance of your space so look to replace heavy winter textiles with lighter alternatives, such as cotton or linen, to evoke a sense of freshness. 

Choose lighter tones and playful patterns to mirror the vibrancy of the new season. A selection of throw pillows in pastel shades can instantly lift the mood, while a lightweight throw blanket will still create a cozy environment without feeling heavy.

Lighter mornings and evenings allow us to maximize the amount of natural light in our room, so consider swapping thick drapery for something more sheer to let that light seep in. 'We’ve swapped out heavier, or even removed, drapery in the warmer months to brighten up a room,' says Dan Mazzarini, creative director at ARCHIVE. 'You should also change out rugs, pillows, and throws with the colors of the season.'

4. Introduce a spring-like color palette

pale pink bedroom with yellow check rug and spring accessories

(Image credit: LAYERED Interior)

If you're feeling like doing something a little more impactful, changing up your color palette for something that feels reminiscent of Easter decor (but in a grown-up way) is guaranteed to boost your mood. 

Consider incorporating soft, nature-inspired hues like a muted yet sunny yellow, soft green, sky blue, or blush pink to emulate the beauty outside. 

Ashley McCollum, GLIDDEN® paint by PPG color expert suggests that as the clocks 'spring forward', it comes with the perfect time to revisit the decor of your sleep sanctuary. 'While sleep experts recommend creating a routine to calm the mind before bed, color experts at PPG find relaxing colors help to foster a good sleep environment. Spanning from neutrals to greens and blues like Salal Leaves and Serene Sea. Focus on light, airy tones that evoke the feeling of the season,' advises Ashley.

‘As bedrooms are such a personal space, they are the perfect room for following your heart and choosing colors that make you feel happy and relaxed,' adds Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene. 'For a springlike feel, why not opt for a muted palette of greens and blues to create a comforting, soothing scheme? Or for a more vibrant joyful approach, yellow is a shade that is so synonymous with spring flowers and can bring positivity to a space and make us feel uplifted, energized, and invited. To introduce a little yellow to your bedroom, use it as a color highlight on woodwork, a door, or skirting boards.'

Don't be afraid to mix and match colors – layering different shades can add depth and interest. Whether through bedding, wall paint, or accent pieces, let your chosen spring bedroom color ideas resonate with your personal style for a space that feels authentically you.

5. Add soft print with lightly hued wallpaper

neutral and blue coastal spring bedroom with wallpaper and plants

(Image credit: A. Naber Design)

Bedroom wallpaper is a powerful tool to refresh the character of your bedroom. Look for subtle pastel printed wallpaper ideas featuring florals, geometric patterns, or soft stripes to create a cocooning effect, and don't be shy with your paper placement.

Abbie Naber, founder of A. Naber Design, says fresh wallpaper is the key to a spring bedroom overhaul. In the light, bright bedroom space designed by Abbie seen above she chose a soft blue print that feels slightly coastal in its tone. 'Steering clear of darker, moodier palettes, we opted to freshen up this bedroom with a pastel-hued wallpaper. The background color keeps things light,' says Abbie.

In a small bedroom, consider an accent ceiling (they've overtaken the accent wall for 2024) to avoid overwhelming the space, but in a vast bedroom, try drenching all 5 walls in pattern. This will add a youthful depth and texture to a lofty room that would benefit from a little enveloping power. 

'If using wallpaper on all four walls feels a little overwhelming, or you would like to incorporate a particularly bold design, consider placing a feature or accent wall behind the bed,' advises Ruth Motteshead. 'It’s the perfect place to be adventurous with color and pattern, as once you’re in bed, the view of your room will still feel calm and relaxing,' she adds.

6. Play with layering natural and artificial light

colorful bedroom with stripe wallpaper and upholstered headboard and blind

(Image credit: Cathy Nordstrom / Photography Fanny Radvik)

If your bedroom lacks natural light, on top of changing blinds and curtains to sheerer fabrics, incorporating more artificial bedside lighting into your decor scheme can create a more energizing and uplifting feel. 

Try swapping out heavy, dark lampshades for lighter more translucent options. This could mean selecting shades in neutral tones with a slight pattern or vintage-style metal lights that feature cut-outs to let the light bleed through. Be sure to include a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting with a combination of sconces, table lamps, and overhead lights to really shed some light on the bedroom.

'Lighting is the quickest way to determine how cozy your bedroom feels,' says Mara Rypacek Miller, managing director and founder of Industville. 'Opt for curved table lamps or dome light shades and pendant chandeliers to help achieve an overall feeling of calm and relaxation,' she suggests. 'For smaller rooms, consider integrating wall lights installed on either side of the bed to free up surfaces, creating an uncluttered and calming space, whilst also enhancing the style of your bedroom this spring.'

Opt for fixtures that allow for adjustable brightness or can be wired to a dimmer switch, so you can create different moods for different tasks. 'Adding a dimmer will allow you to achieve a personalized ambiance in your bedroom and create a more calming environment before bed,' adds Mara.

If you're feeling inspired by the warming weather, hopefully these spring bedroom decor ideas will leave you feeling motivated to make a few updates to give your space a facelift for spring. Whether you've opted for a refreshed color palette or are looking to add a touch of florals with wallpaper, these interior designer-approved tricks will give your bedroom a newfound energy for the changing season.

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