What are the most timeless interior design styles? Interior designers list their favorite classics

Trends come and go, but there are 10 core timeless interior design styles that are consistently fabulous

Timeless interior design styles
(Image credit: Designer's Guild/Molly Mahon/deVOL)

Leave the trends behind and choose one of our favorite timeless interior design styles instead. They've stood the test of time and if you choose one of these then you won't need to redecorate every time a new trend comes out, in fact, if you want to change up a classic scheme you can do so with new couch pillows, a vase or two and a blanket. 

'Creating a timeless look for your home is all about incorporating classic elements that transcend trends and evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication,' says Denise Morrison, founder of Morrison Interiors. 

You'll also spend less money in the long term if you decorate your home in a classic interior design style. As Denise adds, 'Focusing on quality and craftsmanship can help create a home that never dates, a classic and sophisticated look never goes out of style – look for clean lines, neutral color palettes, and timeless furnishings that exude elegance and refinement.' 

Below we ask 10 interior design experts for their favorite interior design styles, from Art Deco to mid-century modern – we've got you covered.

What are the most timeless interior design styles? 

If you have more than one favorite style you don't necessarily have to choose one, you can use the key elements across your space – this is the beauty of interior design and transitional style, it's about personal choice and what you love the most. 

1. Minimalism

timeless interior design styles, stone and white minimalist kitchen, shiplap cabinetry, vintage table, clear plastic/metal chairs, white floor, huge vase of flowers, artwork

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Perhaps one of the most iconic timeless interior design styles is minimalism. Known for its clean lines and sophisticated style, it's for those who love to live clutter-free with a subtle color palette. We asked Patrick O'Donnell, brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball for his advice on what colors work best in a minimalist setting:

'Whilst whites seem the natural destination for a minimalist space, look to whites that are more nuanced rather than true. Try something with a specific undertone that will carry with the sparse elements of the interior, be it green (James White), blue (Dimpse) or even the softest pink note (Great White).'

Image of Patrick O’Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O’Donnell has been bringing his impeccable eye for colour to Farrow & Ball since 2012. Over that time, he has been a Showroom Manager, Global Colour Consultancy Manager and now Brand Ambassador. However, he is best known as the much-loved face of Farrow & Ball on social media

2. Farmhouse

Moly Mahon bedroom with canopy over bed in pretty floral/botanical print, lined with green check, matching cushion, small bedside, pictures on wall

(Image credit: Schumacher with Molly Mahon)

Cozy and comfy with pretty ditsy florals and worn and weathered furniture passed down, the farmhouse decor will always be timeless.

'My ultimate vision of life is to be ensconced in a farmhouse down a long winding track where peace reigns and productivity surrounds me, whether it be through the growing of vegetables or the rearing of animals there is a happy chaos all around me, chickens, dogs, sheep all going about life with wild abandon,' says textile designer and block printer, Molly Mahon.

'This is how I see the evocative feeling of ‘farmhouse’ and while I don't yet have my farmhouse I think I manifest the vibe when I am decorating. Solid kitchens with practical floors, lively fabrics, and wall paints, a whimsical celebration of nature and the great outdoors, reflecting the colors of flowers, wildlife and the great outdoors.'

We love the farmhouse style, it's warm and welcoming, with a huge amount of charm and character. If you adore a homely feel then this look is definitely for you.

3. Eclectic

timeless interior design styles, dark blue walls in living room, bright red and yellow wall hanging, pink couch, pink stripe armchair, eclectic coffee table, graphic rug, plants

(Image credit: Nicola Harding)

Not necessarily a design style that springs to mind instantly, but one that can be seen throughout interiors over the last decade. More personal perhaps than some of the others, it gives you freedom of expression in terms of color, pattern, and style. 

'I would say eclectic interiors are the most timeless,' says global interior designer, Nicola Harding,  'Something that is intelligently layered, with a sensibility to the nature of the building and its location, becomes timeless because it is hard to date. It becomes about a meaningful sense of place, rather than a passing trend, and that ensures its longevity.'  

4. Shaker

timeless interior design styles, Shaker style dining room with table and chairs, vase on table, large fireplace, cream walls, cabinetry on left, wooden floorboards

(Image credit: deVOL Kitchens)

Who doesn't love the appeal of a Shaker kitchen or dining room? Rooted in simple yet functional design, nothing says timeless more than this style, and it can be applied to any room of the house. Shaker design also has a lovely muted color palette

'The key to transcending fashion is to go for simple beautifully made classic cabinetry and furniture. This table captures the essence of a Shaker design perfectly. It’s a simple and practical design without any fussy elements. The top is finished with traditional breadboard ends which keeps the top straight and allows for seasonal expansion as the boards expand in the summer and contract in the colder months.' Helen Parker, creative director of deVOL Kitchens.

Helen Parker portrait
Helen Parker

Helen Parker is deVOL's Creative Director. Joining in 2004 as a kitchen designer, by 2011 she had become responsible for deVOL's style, creating one-of-a-kind showrooms, sourcing antiques and gifts and designing new pieces of furniture and accessories. Over the years, she has developed deVOL's look and voice, styling all their beautiful imagery, writing for their brochures and website, and is often featured in national and international press. 

5. Bohemian

timeless interior design styles, living room with vintage/bohemian style, blue armchair, large mirror, chandelier, gold framed art

(Image credit: Imparfair Design Studio)

With a nod to the seventies, bohemian interior style is about really choosing what you love, over what you think you should have.

'For us, 'bohemian' is more of a state of mind or approach to decorating than it is a prescribed design style – it’s about being open and trusting your intuition when it comes to making choices about your space, and not being afraid to mix high and low, modern and traditional, and a variety of materials,' advises Rebekah Zaveloff, co-founder and creative director of Imparfait Design.

Think decorating with vintage, retro artwork and artisanal accessories – this look is as personal as they come and unique to you, Rebekah agrees: 'To lean into your inner bohemian, use as much vintage furniture and accessories as possible; you can guarantee that only a few others will have the same items you have. Use a mix of vintage-inspired brass, gold leaf and silver leaf frames for your artwork. It adds instant patina and age, even with more modern art. And of course, vintage rugs are a no-brainer. Bohemian design is highly personal and for that reason alone, it will never go out of style because it was never trendy to begin with.'

6. Classic

timeless interior design styles, kitchen with many textures, marble, countertops/splashbacks, shiplap walls and ceiling, wooden cabinetry, island with bar stools, lighting ideas

(Image credit: Morrison Interiors /Shade Degges)

Classic interior design is when you enhance those special original elements like ornate detailing, traditional flooring, elegant furniture, and beautiful fabrics that are inspired by the past.  It's not opulent as such, and is easy on the eye – comfortable furniture, the use of symmetry and subtle color palettes that don't jar the eye. 

'Several elements in this updated timeless kitchen beautifully align with a classic look, including double-hung windows, shiplap details, sconces and flush mount lights vs. can lighting, marble countertops, and tailored ogee detailing on the cabinetry. Together, all of these elements harken to a bygone era that proves to have lasting design style,' says Denise Morrison. 

expert headshot of Denise Morrison, Morrison Interiors
Denise Morrison

For as long as she can remember, Denise was obsessed with redesigning her family homes, moving furniture to make the rooms prettier and more comfortable. Denise studied at Cal State Fullerton, where she learned her trademark design principle: tension. A beautiful antique with a modern sofa. A vibrant painting in a cool, minimal living room. It’s this tension and balance between design elements that sets the framework for unforgettable design

7. Modern

timeless interior design styles, modern living room with white walls, layered rugs, retro chair, side table, low slung couch, linen curtains

(Image credit: Designers Guild)

Not to be confused with minimalism, modern style, or contemporary as it's often known by a link with their love of form and function, but modern interior design can be full of color whereas minimalism often isn't. 

'Creating a modern sanctuary is a design choice that will never go out of style. Opting for color schemes from nature's palette such as serene greens and softer shades of brown and beige are a timeless way to bring the outside in – refreshing our homes with a relaxing, yet vibrant energy. Our deep connection to nature complements the neutral tones found in minimalist spaces and creates an earthy, welcoming aesthetic,' says Tricia Guild OBE, founder and creative director, Designers Guild.

Modern interior design can be full of natural materials and pattern, Tricia adds, 'An ultra-modern sanctuary wouldn’t be complete without the home accessories that bring us comfort too. Rugs, couch pillows, vases, flowers – they all pull the room together and ignite our own power and personality. There is always an endless possibility of creativity to be had with even the most modern designs.' 

Tricia Guild
Tricia Guild OBE

Tricia Guild O.B.E is the founder and creative force behind Designers Guild, the well known luxury interior furnishings group that employs over 230 people. Designers Guild is internationally renowned for its innovative collections - where colours, patterns and textures are instantly recognisable for their bright, contemporary style.

8. French Country

timeless interior design style, French style outdoor dining, tablecloth, benches, bread on table, plastered walls, view inside, coir flooring

(Image credit: George Spencer Designs)

We all dream of having a home in the South of France right? Save your pennies and create this slow-living look in your own home instead.

'The French country style is all about evoking the charm and warmth of rural France. To create the look, try incorporating subtle colors, such as beige, cream, and light pastels. Natural fabrics that are textured, such as cottons and linens, help to create a space that feels rustic yet elegant,' suggests Tim Walters, managing director, George Spencer Designs.

You can add florals too, just keep them subtle, this look is a careful balance of pared-back style but with a hint of pattern. 'Delicate florals, subtle stripes and plains are perfect for this style – we particularly love the fabrics in our Liguria Collection, which were designed to reflect the simple pleasures of life and are inspired by the concept of ‘slow living’.'

9. Art Deco

timeless interior design styles, green art deco style bathroom, green fan wallpaper, gold faucet, gold mirror, gold and black wall lights, green tiles

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

If you love a design-led interior style that's timeless then consider Art Deco decor. Bold and beautiful with iconic patterns, it's for those who love pattern and color combined. 

'We love anything with a historical vein running through it and art deco definitely has a special place in our hearts – many of our wallpapers are influenced by this period,' says Jamie Watkins, co-founder, Divine Savages.

Geometric patterns, bold motifs, and a color palette that includes jewel tones, Art Deco style is opulent and vibrant. Metallics are also featured heavily, Jamie suggests, 'When looking to add some 1920s flair to your home, focus on strong, symmetrical prints with vibrant, contrasting colors. Our Great Gatsby-inspired ‘Deco Martini’ wallpaper was the first wallpaper we designed, it has a ‘Divine Savages’ twist on the popular Art Deco fan motif and features a hidden martini glass within the design.' 

10. Mid-century modern

timeless interior design styles, white and wood mid century style kitchen, pearlescent wall tiles, modern white wall cabinetry, marble island, modern mid century stools, trio of white globe pendants

(Image credit: Roost Interiors / Mike Van Tassell)

Another absolute design classic is mid-century modern – a beautiful combination of vintage, retro, and modern design with lots of natural wood and a mostly neutral color palette. 

'Mid-century modernism will always stand the test of time because of the clean lines, flat planes, and mix of organic shapes,' says Kasey Hodgson, founder, Roost Interiors.'Warm wood tones and crisp whites work well together, especially in a kitchen. The materials and minimal accessories keep this kitchen fuss-free.'

Mid-century modern is for those who love a modern style but with the warmth of organic shapes teamed with graphic design and a mixture of manmade and natural materials. Colors can be vibrant if you source retro artwork and fabrics. 

Our top 10 timeless interior design styles will give you a great starting point for your new projects, be it a powder room or a whole revamp. The best bit is that you can feel confident that whichever you choose will give you longevity and style. 

Sophie Warren-Smith
Contributing Editor

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 20 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time, both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor for indie magazine, 91, she trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for modern weddings and events. For H&G, she writes features about interior design – and is known for having an eye for a beautiful room.