This kitchen has one of the most striking backsplashes we've ever seen – the designers talk us through the space

Choose a striking backsplash to take center stage and let the rest of your kitchen scheme work around it, say the experts at Roundhouse design

three images collaged of modern kitchen with black and white marble
(Image credit: Roundhouse Design)

Could it be that the days of the practical but unseemly backsplashes are behind us, along with the awkward wiping down of grouting in between tiles? The expert team at Roundhouse Design certainly thinks so – for them, the backsplash is the contemporary way to create a dazzling focal point in your kitchen, and their latest project certainly proves it. Here we take a tour and speak with the designers behind the space about this striking focal point.

Modern kitchen with island and striking black and white veined marble splashback that matches the island countertop

(Image credit: Roundhouse Design)

With the help of the experts at Roundhouse Design, this young couple has reimagined their family kitchen, creating a space that is functional to use but feels entirely sophisticated. The hero of the new kitchen is the eye-catching marble that has been used on the backsplash as well as the kitchen countertops to create a backdrop of a monochrome painterly pattern. 

For the homeowners, a bold kitchen was a must. They needed a stylish hub for busy family life in their Islington home. Their mid-terraced Victorian property in the north London suburb is full of heritage character, and in redesigning their kitchen, they wanted to inject a creative and contemporary feel. 

While retaining period details, the couple have stamped the space with their identity as two young professionals with a sharp eye for design. With the expert help of Roundhouse, they arrived at the idea of using bold black and white veined marble to create a dazzling focal point in their chic but practical space.

black and white marble splashback and island top matching in modern kitchen

(Image credit: Roundhouse Design)

The homeowners are both sociable people who love inviting their friends for dinner and they wanted a kitchen that reflected this – a cozy bar-like space with an opulent vibe when dimly lit in the evenings, the ideal kitchen for entertaining. The dramatic black and white veined marble helps to achieve this, injecting the space with interest and intrigue as the patina of the marble creates beautiful wave-like markings, inky in their black richness. 

By using the same marble for the island countertop as well as the splashback, the effect of the marble becomes even more striking. Roundhouse have installed a sophisticated liquid metal copper-fronted cabinet above the sink area to enhance the luxe vibe, as well as soften the contrast of the black and white, and add warmth to the color palette.

kitchen countertop with sink and black and white veined striking marble

(Image credit: Roundhouse Design)

The reflective surface of the copper adds further interest to the appearance of the space. The uneven surface captures the light, creating depth, as does the effect of the polished concrete floor in its dappled appearance.

To keep the space feeling light and airy in the daytime – a good backdrop for everyday family life, the couple kept the design paired back, so the kitchen feels open and uncluttered with plenty of space for their daughters to play. Original bifold windows flood the kitchen with natural light, ensuring a calming and happy zone for the children. 

black and white marble splashback in kitchen with copper cabinet top

(Image credit: Roundhouse Design)

For the homeowners, juggling full-on days in the city with raising two young daughters can be challenging, so they wanted a kitchen that was conducive to relaxation. Roundhouse's attention to detail has helped them create a high-performing space in terms of ease and efficiency, so they can immediately feel calm and begin to unwind when they come home at the end of the day.

A wine fridge is integrated into the kitchen island, sockets are sealed to add to the clean-cut appearance, and the Bora hob means there's no need for a clunky extractor fan. Details like these make the space easy to organize and highly functional, as well as exquisite in appearance.

modern kitchen design with kitchen island and victorian style window

(Image credit: Roundhouse Design)

It’s the marble slabs that are the real showstoppers of this kitchen. By embracing the arresting patina of the natural material, these homeowners have created a unique and contemporary backdrop to daily life, where practicality and beauty go hand-in-hand.

Holly Ransome
Editorial Assistant