Christmas gift wrapping ideas – 24 products and ideas to elevate your presents

Wrap your presents in style this holiday season with our favorite Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Three examples of christmas gift wrapping ideas, Furoshiki wrap, colorful wrap, brown paper wrap
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Christmas gift wrapping ideas can not only create an element of thrilling surprise and intrigue, but they are an opportunity to enhance your gift giving with added color, pattern, material and texture; creating a pretty and unique design that can sit beautifully under the Christmas tree.

It's safe to say that presents often become part of our Christmas decor ideas, with the exchanging of gifts leading to our homes becoming filled with colorful bundles of joy to open over the holiday period.

For many of us, the act of wrapping presents, and exploring how to wrap gifts, is a fun and creative experience that helps us to get in the festive spirit, and creates an uplifting atmosphere where we feel excited at the prospect of sharing meaningful gifts with loved ones.

With so many styles of gift wrap to choose from, we have curated a collection of our favorite Christmas gift wrapping ideas to help with that all important part of preparing your presents for Christmas.

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

From beautiful printed paper, to gift bags and accessories, explore our favorite Christmas gift wrapping ideas below.

1. Elevate classic brown paper

Presents wrapped in brown paper and string, decorated with festive flowers and foliage

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The timeless simplicity of using brown paper has so much appeal come the festive season. For one, it can be recycled so you get eco points, and we love the nostalgia it brings. It can also be used year-round, so if your wrapping paper drawer is becoming chaotic, limit it to a few rolls of brown paper and accessorize with tags, ribbons and even Christmas foliage.

5. Try Furoshiki where the wrap is a gift in itself

Furoshiki gift wrap, four presents wrapped, surrounded by string and festive accessories

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Furoshiki is the traditional Japanese art of cloth wrapping, and is becoming an increasingly popular Christmas gift wrapping idea due to it being both beautifully elegant and eco-friendly. What's more, if you choose a beautiful scarf or linen, the wrap itself becomes a gift, too.

9. Let nature shape your Christmas gift wrapping

Wrapped christmas presents in brown and colorful pastel paper, decorated with ribbons and accessories, string, christmas foliage

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Make your Christmas gift-wrapping ideas a talking point this holiday season with a more unique style that takes a cue from the natural world. Adorn your gifts with items foraged from the world around you – a sprig of thyme, a cutting of eucalyptus – for a personal look that works well with basic gift wrap and tissue paper.

13. Be bold with contemporary gift wrap

Christmas decorations with foliage and flowers, Christmas baubles and wrapped Christmas present.

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Bright colors and striking, bold patterns and shapes take center-stage in our collection of contemporary Christmas gift wrapping ideas. Don't be afraid to shun the usual red, green and gold of the holidays – future festive seasons should be a rainbow of color.

17. Embrace classic Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Present wrapped in brown paper with string, white and red candy cane, festive foliage

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If Christmas always makes you cast your mind back to simpler times, relive the joy of a traditional holiday season with elaborate florals, plaid or tree designs, wrapped with luxe velvet ribbons.

21. Choose a personalized gift wrap

Countertop with person cutting green wrapping paper, surrounded by wrap accessories and festive foliage

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Personalized gift wrap, whether that's a name, photo or drawing, can create a joyful element of fun before the recipient has even opened the present!

What is a unique way to wrap presents?

As we have explored, there are many unique ways to wrap presents for your Christmas gift wrapping ideas. 

From traditional brown paper to modern, artistic printed designs and fun accessories, there are many options to choose from to make your wrapped gift utterly unique. 

In recent years we have seen a shift in individuals making more sustainable, eco-friendly decisions with their gift wrapping, so choosing a design that can bed used again and again, such as a fabric cloth, or purchasing easily recycled wrapping paper, can create a gift that not only looks good - but is better for the environment too.

If you're thinking of creating your own, home-made gift wrap design, explore how guide on how to decorate wrapping paper.

Why is wrapping gifts important?

A wrapped gift is one of those Christmas traditions that will continue to create moments of joy throughout the holiday season. 

Creating a fun element of surprise and keeping you guessing until your Christmas celebrations begin with your friends and family, a wrapped present may not seem important to some people – maybe they're just not that good at wrapping - but for many, it is a chance to reflect on meaningful purchases for loved ones, and spend time creating a unique wrapped design that looks almost too good to open.

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