Chrissy Teigen's bouclé sofa is ahead of the curve – tapping into two of 2023's biggest design trends

The most sought-after shape of the moment has Breegan Jane's approval – but it's not the only feature making headlines in the design world

Chrissy Teigen
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To say Chrissy Teigen's entire home is a designer's paradise would be no exaggeration – and a glimpse of her sofa confirms this theory further. 

Curated by H&G favorite designer Jake Arnold, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Los Angeles home is always on our radar, so a look inside their open-plan living room isn't unexpected. But while this space offers much to be noted – it is the couple's curved bouclé sofa that demands the most attention. 

The piece in question (seen below) taps into two of the biggest sofa trends of the moment due to its shape (curved) and upholstery material (bouclé). It is, therefore, unsurprising that it's approved by top designers, including HGTV host Breegan Jane. 

'I think the kidney bean shape and organic edges are really big, and I’m here for it,' Breegan says in an exclusive interview with H&G

breegan jane
Breegan Jane

Breegan Jane is a TV host, designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist in Los Angeles. Breegan’s signature style meshes the artistic and elegant with livable comfort. She achieves a stunning, modern aesthetic with decor that maximizes elegance and fosters simplicity, serenity, and supreme comfort.

'I [am] seeing softer and rounded shapes in our home design, and I really like it. It's less of a harsh edge – and it's nicer to the eye. It also lends itself to more organic shapes we see in nature – there's no hard right corner on the beach or in the mountains; everything is kind of flowing into the next. I see that a lot, all over,' Breegan says. 

This emerging interior design trend is particularly noticeable in sofa design (just like Chrissy's), but Breegan explains that curved tables and side tables will simultaneously dominate decorating ideas in the coming months.  

'It's a nice nod to a stone or a pebble you might pick up on your walk around the block. Nature is one of our biggest teachers, and so I like what that does to your mind subconsciously; it doesn't have so much of a harsh start and an end.'

Chrissy's sofa is in vogue in terms of its shape – but as we hinted – this piece taps into two trends – and the second is its material. 

Deriving from the French word (meaning 'curled' or 'ringed'), bouclé refers to both a yarn made from a series of looped fibers or the fabric that comes from it. In this case, it is the latter. 

Bouclé is the material of the moment, but its distinct texture and ability to add depth and interest (without the fuss of a pattern) mean this fabric is certainly no fad. Instead, David Harris, the design director at Andrew Martin, explains that the bouclé-effect is so strong it's fringing beyond interiors into the fashion industry. 

David Harris
David Harris

David is the design director at luxury furniture and home accessories label, Andrew Martin. Based in London, he specializes in weave, print and wallpaper designer to create unique designs and characterful home décor for the globally-admired interiors brand.

'People think of bouclé as a heritage fabric for interiors, but it’s becoming even more prevalent in fashion now,' David says. 'There’s lots of different bouclé’s, soft, tactile, crushed – all sorts of bouclé' – so there is lots of variety to find the combination that works best for your space. 

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