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Why cocooning furniture is a trend that's gaining pace – 7 ways to use it in your space

Cosseting, cozy and cocooning furniture is really having a moment...

cocooning furniture trend
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Since the pandemic and the increase in working from home, you may have found yourself spending a lot more time horizontal than ever before. And the rising trend for snuggle-up, sink-in-to, cocooning furniture is evidence that comfort is key. 

But the new cocooning furniture is no slouch; rather it's sleek, chic and smart, as well as snuggly.

So why are we all reaching for those curvilinear lines and extra comfy factor.

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Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf, says: 'Due to the nature of lockdown, we’ve all been spending more time within our own homes, so people are consequently evaluating and reconsidering the spaces where they live much more, simply by virtue of spending more time there! And with the inevitable rise of the big night in, suitably comfy living spaces that put a smile on your face as you settle down in front of the telly are becoming an essential part of many people’s homes.

'For me, there are four things that have changed the style of sofas: the invention of the iPad/iPhone, the mainstream adopting of Netflix, the increased use of takeaway services like Deliveroo and... The pandemic.

'This combo has led to a change in habits. So people are more inclined to work, relax, watch TV and eat whilst on the sofa. The arrival of iPads and smartphones mean we no longer need to sit upright to work: we can lie back and send an email. At the same time, we no longer need to go to the cinema: we can sit back at home and watch on a big wide-screen TV that streams the latest shows.

'The result? We’re seeing customers opt for more laidback sofas with a deeper, slouchier sit. The more curves and squish the better.'

Gemma Hill, of Bayswater Interiors, said: 'Whether it's the impact of the global pandemic and wanting to cocoon at home, or the influence of the 70s and 80s on our interior style, there's definitely a move towards furniture that hugs and envelops with curves.'

See 7 ways to use cool cocooning furniture in your home below:

1. Invest in a snuggly, cocooning sofa

cocooning furniture

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'With everyone from Instagram influencers to the Kardashians and Gwyneth Paltrow filling their homes with large cloud-like sofas, it’s no surprise that cloud sofas are the stuff of dreams,' says Martin Waller, of Andrew Martin.

'Comfort has become the ultimate quality. While people are spending more time on their sofas, the aesthetic of the sofa is not enough. People are buying sofas that are big enough for them to lie down so it can act as a bedroom.' Try the brand's Truman sofa, or Restoration Hardware's Cloud sofa.

And remember to keep things chic as well as comfy. 'Opulent furniture lends itself well to embodying a sense of security without being overly closed in,' Laura Hadad, Design Ambassador at Arteriors London. 'A subtle curve at the right place on a chair, sofa or stool creates an inviting place to take a step away from the day.'

We love how Jake Arnold, founder of The Expert, adds seriously stylish squish to this beautiful living room below with a deep button-detailed sofa. The curvilinear coffee tables and brass lamp also add glamour and extra warmth to the look.

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2. Add a cocooning accent chair

cocooning furniture

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Any room is an ideal space for a cocooning accent chair, from a study to the living room. Not only do they look upscale and chic, they offer the perfect spot for curling up with a good book. Fluted elements or boucle add to the visual interest and tactility of the piece, making it even more inviting. 

Want to elevate your bedroom into a cozy haven? Place cocooning accent chairs at the end of the bed, like Maison Trouvaille have done in the inviting space below.

We also adore this boucle chair and cocooning chaise in the below bedroom by Katie Hodges Design.

3. Embrace curves in your accessories

cocooning furniture

(Image credit: Arteriors)

It's not just sofas and chairs that can have a cocooning effect; think about your accessories, too.

Laura Hadad, Design Ambassador at Arteriors London, says: 'Whether through a striking ornate curved chandelier or intonations in your accessory choices – we know the effects that beautifully soft curves and arcs bring to the senses when creating a welcoming and homely feel to your interiors.'

We adore how Sarah Sherman Samuel's living room (below) is a masterclass in cocooning furniture, from the smart, curved sofas, side tables and coffee tables, to the accent chairs and that incredible statement light fitting.

4. Dare to cocoon in the dining room

cocooning furniture

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The living room is not the only space in which to embrace the cocooning furniture trend – dining room chairs are fast becoming comfy spots for sociable, long-lasting lunches and dinners.

Patricia Gibbons, Design Team at, says: 'When it comes to this season’s furniture trends, there’s been a notable shift in what our customers are looking for when choosing their forever pieces. Delving into the data we’ve noticed an increase in sales of our squishier, chubbier sofas – in particular those with deep button-back detailing, additional cushions for that extra oomph, or the curvier options that really envelop you as you sink in.

'We’ve taken this trend for comfort seating and created Coco (above), our ultimate in luxurious yet enveloping bar stools and dining chairs, allowing for comfortable yet stylish socialising.'

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5. Install a cocooning banquette in the kitchen

banquette seating

(Image credit: Rosendale Design)

Banquette seating in the kitchen provides the perfect cozy nook to add curved or comfy seating. Whether the seat itself is curved and sociable, or whether it's plumped with curvaceous cushions like the lovely scene by Brooke Wagner Design below, it's always a snug socialising spot.

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6. Choose a cocooning chaise 

Is there anything quite as luxurious as a cocooning chaise? This boucle beauty sits languidly in a room designed by Martin Brudnizki and is just calling out for a cozy little lie down.

7. Soak in a stylish cocooning bath tub

marble bath with 3D wall

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet)

Who says cosseting and hunkering down is just the living room's domaine? Slip into a curvilinear or fluted bath for a truly tranquil tub time treat, and let the stresses of the day slip away.

We love beautiful marble for extra glamor, or an enveloping copper tub like this beautiful bath in a room designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel below. Spot the curved shower head and round stool for extra enveloping warmth, too.

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