A rare glimpse of the Beckhams' Cotswold estate – as Victoria jokes about David's 'Sticky Stuff'

Victoria Beckham shares David's new beekeeping job and the Beckhams' Cotswold estate in a down-to-earth TikTok

The Beckham's Cotswold estate - the barn conversion
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In a TikTok posted late last month, Victoria Beckham jokingly commentates as David collects his new batch of, as she puts it, 'sticky stuff' (fresh honey). Yes, the ex-England soccer captain has been tending to his bees on the Beckhams' Cotswold estate. And it's revigorated interest in beekeeping for beginners across the world, thanks, no doubt, to Victoria's nearly 800,000 TikTok followers. 

The video also offers us a rare glimpse of the Beckhams' $6.8million English estate, which was bought by the family in 2016. The property has been extensively added to and renovated over the last few years, including the addition of several bee hives during the lockdown in 2020.


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In the video, David is joined by Victoria and Sage, one of the family's beloved dogs, in an area of the estate's expansive gardens as he collects honey from one of several hives.

Leaving their wildlife garden ideas behind, Victoria jokingly says she is off to 'sample [the honey] and let [us] know what David's sticky stuff tastes like, and mark it out of ten' as she approaches the lavish, Grade II Listed home.  

With David's hope of turning his hobby into a business, her review will certainly be an important one. 

The Beckham's Cotswold estate - an arial view of the estate

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The sprawling six-bedroom country home boasts several impressive features, such as, unsurprisingly, a full-sized soccer pitch with a viewing platform, swimming pool ideas, a plunge pool, and an Estonian-style igloo sauna.

Inside the home, you can find designer home gym ideas fit for the sporting family, complete with a yoga space for Victoria.

The Beckham's Cotswold estate - treehouse

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The family's country pastimes are not limited only to beekeeping, however, with the backyard also hosting expansive vegetable garden ideas where the couple and their children can relax and fully embrace their slow living home away from their buzzing Holland Park, London, and Miami properties.

There are even rumors that the couple is in talks to establish an orchard and a croquet lawn on the property too. 

The Beckham's Cotswold estate

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The most recent addition to the property was an expansive safari-style tent that sits proudly beside their man-made lake and island, three-quarters the size of the soccer pitch, ready for either cooking or entertaining family and guests. 

In case they were short of guest bedroom ideas, the family has also converted a barn on the property, bound to inspire barn conversion ideas for many, with the luxury conversion now worth an estimated $13.5 million alone.

The Beckham's Cotswold estate - the back of the estate

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Fashion guru Victoria has left her own personal mark on the property which can be seen throughout her numerous Instagram posts, with the home kitted out in simple yet soothing country decor ideas.

The gardens, however, are the work of Chelsea Flower Show-winning gardener and landscape designer Marcus Barnett.

The Beckham's Cotswold estate - The lake in construction

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The Beckhams' Cotswold estate was also given the green light to build an additional supersized wine cellar earlier this year, large enough to house over 7,000 bottles. And perhaps some honey.

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