Drew Barrymore's spring cleaning secret will bring 'a sense of control' to your home

The actress decided she was going to 'Marie Kondo' her life – here's what her process involved – and how you can do the same

Drew Barrymore
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Drew Barrymore may be an award-winning actress – and host an eponymous chat show – but she is not immune from ordinary chores that take place in every household. And this includes the all-important (and fast-approaching) spring clean. 

'Happy #SpringCleaning,' Drew shared in a post (below). 'I started mine yesterday… is anyone with me? #MarieKondo.' Yes, when home organizing, it would seem that Drew Barrymore, like many of us, follows the advice of unrivaled tidying guru Marie Kondo, and honestly, who can blame her? 

The Japanese-born consultant is renowned for her KonMari organization method that Drew demonstrates below. Marie Kondo's technique involves only keeping essential items – and items that spark joy – before putting the approved things in their designated 'home' in your cupboard, cabinet, or room. To do this, Drew uses cloth storage drawers – for her twist on Marie's globally-famed cleaning tips

'I am a woman on edge,' Drew says while surrounded by an array of storage boxes on her black-and-white tile floor. 'I am going to Marie Kondo my life. I am going to do spring cleaning and hope that it gives me a sense of control because this is the only thing I can control – and everything feels out of control, and control is bumper rails and hopefully leads to boundaries and safety.' Inspired? Us too – and we're investing in similar storage below. 

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This storage box (like those used by Drew Barrymore) is perfect for organizing shirts, socks, ties, and other accessories. It is collapsable and lightweight (yet sturdy), which makes it easy to carry around your home. 

'If I can get that out of cleaning the main closet, then how exciting is that? Happy spring cleaning. May it bring whatever you are looking for,' Drew adds. 

A closer look at Drew Barrymore's closet storage ideas shows the actress has categorized shoes, jackets, and swimwear into certain boxes – and has even color-coded her masks neatly into certain boxes. And in ensuring everything has a specific home, Drew celebrates Marie Kondo's teaching to the letter.

'Once you tidy your whole house, one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is by making sure you give each item a permanent home,' Marie Kondo previously shared in an interview with H&G. The organizer says that, if you get in the habit of putting things back in their 'home,' then your space will stay tidier for longer. 

If you leave things in the wrong place, Marie warns that your home may begin to look cluttered – and may, in turn, harm your cleaning efforts. To follow Drew's lead, you can discover more about the KonMari method in the deals below. 

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