Having this one feature in your home could add over £22,000 to its value, according to a study

Unfortunately, you either have it or you don't.

From kitchen islands to downstairs toilets, there are many features that can add significant value to your property. But one feature in particular can increase the value of your house remarkably.

If you haven't guessed what it might be yet, let me help you out. The highly-coveted south-facing garden can add up to £22,000 to the price of your property.

A new study from Rightmove has found that homes advertised as having sunny south-facing gardens have asking prices £22,695 higher on average than those without.

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The data, analysed for the first time, looks at just under 400,000 three and four bedroom homes across Great Britain. Those listed as having a south-facing garden were found to have an asking price premium of 7%.

In short, a south-facing garden is, unsurprisingly, a garden that faces south. While some homes may have front and back gardens, it is usually one to the rear that is spoken of in these geographical terms.

The reason why a south-facing garden gets more sun is all down to the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so a south-facing garden will enjoy sunshine all day.

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It is good news for those of us who live in the regions of Yorkshire and The Humber. Rightmove reports an increase of 14% on the price of a home with a south-facing garden.

Its well-known rural appeal is added to by its affordability, being the second cheapest region in England. While relative remoteness is high on many buyers wish-lists, associated exposure to harsher weather conditions can be softened by a warmer southerly garden, and agents say it is an extremely important feature when they carry out house viewings in the region.

It is unsurprising that people are looking for more outdoor space since lockdown. 'Having a bigger garden or at least access to one was the number one thing that lockdown had changed for what buyers are now looking for in their next home,' the survey suggested.

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'Without a doubt, we’ve seen huge demand for homes with a south-facing garden,' says David Phillip, partner of David Phillip Estate Agents in Yorkshire. 'You’d be amazed at how many people turn up to a viewing and use the compass on their phone to work out where the sun is coming from, it’s a really important requirement in these parts. These types of properties are selling quickly, especially since the market reopened in May.'