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Fruit motifs are trending – design experts share their advice on styling this delicious, summery look

This tasty trend is ripe for the picking...

Fruit motif printed sofa and curtains in a country home
(Image credit: Clarke & Clarke at Sanderson Design Group)

Just in time for summer, fruit motifs are trending in interiors. From the subtle serving of strawberries' cerise tones to pretty Sicilian lemons and succulent pear prints, these joyful designs are enlivening neutral schemes – and we're reaping their rich benefits. 

We are not alone in our summer fling with these flavorful fabrics and delectable wallpapers: design experts are just as captivated – and here offer their interior design tips so you can indulge in this trend, fruitfully. 

Fruit motif printed curtains in a country home

(Image credit: Clarke & Clarke at Sanderson Design Group)

While fruit has been stylish symbol for centuries, designer at Firmdale Hotels Minnie Kemp explains that there has never been a better time to enjoy fruit motifs in all their colorful glory. 

'Fruit itself has long been considered in art and design as a symbol of abundance, associated with the harvest and goddess of plenty. In mythology, fruit represents earthly pleasures, overindulgence, and temptation… vices one couldn't be condemned for enjoying after such a tough year, especially in the comfort of your own home.'  

How to style fruit motifs in a contemporary home 

How can we enjoy these vices in style? Interior designers share everything we need to know. 

1. Experiment with a fruity statement piece  

Fruit motif printed bedroom

(Image credit: Clarke & Clarke at Sanderson Design Group)

'I love decorating with fruit motifs, as they bring a little tropical holiday vibe into your home, which we are all desperate for now. They also give you an excuse to color clash and be bold and confident,' begins interior designer Eva Sonaike

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, Eva urges you to invest in a bold printed fruity sofa that stands as the unrivaled statement piece of the summer. 

'As the sofa is so vibrant and colorful, [ensure] the rest of the home is held in a simple scheme – with plastered walls, a creme curtain, and plain carpet. This gives the fruit motif on the sofa the deserved space and [creates an] impact in the room.' 

Fruit motif printed sofa near a lemon tree

(Image credit: Clarke & Clarke at Sanderson Design Group)

2. Bring fruit to your table  

Molly Mahon fruit motif table dressing

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

While fruit motifs are not for the faint of heart, there is a way to enjoy their sweet benefits without making them the center of attention. Instead, Eva reveals her expert dining room ideas, suggesting we dress our table for dinner with a dessert print. 

'My favorite fruit motif items are tableware, such as plates and bowls, and table linen, such as tablecloths, runners, and napkins. There is no nicer way to set a dining table with some brightly colored melon or pineapple plates and bowls where you can serve a delicious green salad,' Eva shares. 

3. Combine nature's greatest assets

Fruit motif printed table dressing with flowers

(Image credit: Bell Hutley for Fortnum & Mason)

Similarly, for the ultimate summer table layout, Jessica Burnett, Dining and Home Entertaining Buyer at Fortnum & Mason, recommends updating your summer table by layering fruit napkins with flowers to create a countryside aesthetic in any home. 

'Tye some hemp string around the middle of the napkin and thread a stem of lavender through – then when you then open up the napkin, you get a really lovely fresh smell. Decorative and not too over the top,' Jessica suggests. 

4. Search for evergreen fruits 

Minnie also urges us to invest in some vintage fruit motifs that never pass their sell-by date. 'I often scour the internet, hour after hour, hunting for Ferro Murano 1950s colored glass grape lights and wall sconces,' she shares.

You can see some at 1st Dibs.

Minnie continues: 'If you are looking for a contemporary take on this classic design, I have stumbled upon Greige's handmade glass grape cluster lights and @threadgoldstudio on Instagram, who has a stunning set of Murano glass grape chandeliers for sale.'

5. Dress your window for the season  

Fruit motif printed window dressing

(Image credit: Clarke & Clarke at Sanderson Design Group)

While we dream of gazing out of our windows to vast orchards and lush fruit trees, Clarke & Clarke at Sanderson Design Group are among those allowing us to ensure our windows are no less fun and fruity – perfect country curtain ideas for every room, from bedrooms to living rooms. 

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