Inside Gillian Anderson’s London home – an urban retreat for a Hollywood star

The actress shares a look inside her family home – complete with white marble countertops and a forest green sofa

Gillian Anderson
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Gillian Anderson's grace and style are hard to match – so it's only fitting that her home lives up to her reputation. 

The Pale Blue Eye star, who is also known for The X-Files and The Crown, has shared an insight into her central London property (that qualifies as one of the world's best homes) via Instagram – and it's no surprise that her interiors are something to behold. 

From her emerald velvet textured sofa to the Persian-style rug that warms her workspace – the Golen Globe winner has turned her central London home into an artistic sanctuary for her and her family. 'It's surprisingly quiet, and it feels like London might have done hundreds of years ago,' Gillian shared to the Evening Standard while discussing her life in the center of the British capital. Here are all the decorating ideas we've spotted in her home. 

Gillian Anderson’s working space

Perhaps the most documented part of Gillian's home is her living and working space – as exhibited above and below. In these areas, the Chicago-born actress has curated the perfect video call backdrops – the first being in front of an intricately-designed wooden door (that makes an unrivaled statement against the neutral white walls).

In the first space, Gillian's main desk sits atop an ornate Persian-style rug, complemented by the traditional style lamp on the wooden floor. The actress also exhibits a light ring – the ultimate home office must-have for interviews following the pandemic. 

The second section exhibits a similar light ring as she sits alongside a black leather armchair, dressed with a large white cushion. There is also a large cream cabinet that follows a similar scheme to her room's color scheme. 'The lockdown press set up. Am I wearing pants? No one will ever know,' Gillian says. 

The forest green velvet sofa

When it comes to sofa ideas, you could do far worse than follow Gillian Anderson's fashionable lead, as exhibited in the post above. There is a lot to love about green, which continues to grow in popularity as people become braver with color throughout their homes. 

The actress paired her sofa with muted yellow cushions that complement the darker-toned velvet without detracting attention from the main statement piece. 

'We love taking inspiration from nature and often use greens and blues as the basis of our schemes for an inviting space, and always try to bring the outdoors in,' says the designers at London-based studio Kitesgrove in the discussion of this fashionable hue. 'Green shades are wonderful to work with; they are almost as versatile as neutrals.' We surely need no more convincing. 

Gillian's marble-topped kitchen

Though Gillian has not offered significant insight into her kitchen ideas – she's shown enough to make any food lover envious. In her post, she shares a large brass kettle atop her stove in an area of her kitchen surrounded by luxe white marble. Besides the stove, Gillian exhibits a Le Creuset pot to hold her utensils and a blue-painted tile that adds a hint of individuality to the space. 

Her ornate wooden dresser

We know that the interest in Christmas decor has paused once again (until the next holidays, at least), but Gillian Anderson’s post showcases more than her festivities. Situated behind the tree is her stand-out dresser – filled with photo frames that likely document memories with her children and throughout her career. 

A sweeping arch is shown next to the dresser – once again painted in the same neutral tones shown around the rest of her home. 

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