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5 interior designers share their favorite quick home décor tips – for an easy refresh

Five ways to refresh your home in lockdown

Home decor tips
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Finding yourself at home with little to do at the weekends? These home decor tips are for you – they are simple, easy ways to give your rooms a refresh, without having to shop for new buys. 

So, whether you want to redecorate your home but are limited by lockdown or just need to restructure the way you spend your days, keep reading. We spoke to five different interior experts who share their home decor tips for how to give your home a makeover by yourself, without spending a penny.

1. Maximize space in the kitchen

home decor tips

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‘Kitchen spaces are prone to clutter which can make a space feel small and unorganized,' says Jennifer Jarvis, Senior Interior Designer at Helen Green Design

'Take this time to clear everything out of your cupboards, check all your used by dates and dispose of anything inedible. When restocking the cupboards, organize your items logically with labels so you can see what you have by putting similar foods together and taller items at the back.

'Be selective in what you have on your worksurfaces, balancing out your appliances with a vignette of decorative canisters and a wooden chopping board. Don’t be afraid to move artwork and incorporate it into your arrangement by leaning it against the upstand.' 

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2. Create a home bar

home decor tips

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‘Cocktails have made a real comeback recently,' says James Ashfield, Studio Manager, Rigby & Rigby. 'Clear a space on a sideboard and lay out your finest glasses and bottles to create a focal point for your kitchen or dining room. 

'It is also important to have different garnishes to add that final touch to any drink. A simple bowl or two in matching glassware design to your other glasses will make it feel effortless. During these unusual times, routine and socializing are important. If going for a post work drink with friends or colleagues was part of your normal routine, continue this at home over a video app or with immediate family.'

3. Bring nature into the home

home decor tips

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‘Try bringing nature into your home in an architectural and dramatic way. Blossom-laden branches look wonderful in large glass jugs on your kitchen table, or you could also put leaf buds in a jar of water and watch them unfurl,' says Vanessa Arbuthnott, CEO of Vanessa Arbuthnott.

'Your nature area could be in an entrance hall or by a window in the sitting room. Every time you go for your daily walk, try and bring back something to place on this table to decorate. This can also be a fun, shared activity with your children.'

4. Add new accessories

home decor tips

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‘Remove all unnecessary furniture or non-furniture items that you have gathered in time and leave the space as light and breathable as possible. This will apply to any space, day or night,' says Cristina Chirila, Senior Designer at FCI London

'Make a list of all the items in the room and re-think your way of using it. Sketch a new way of using the space and try it out, you'll find that it feels almost as amazing as moving to a new place.'

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5. Clean your light fixtures

home decor tips

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

‘Dull and dark homes not only use extra energy to light up but they can also have a negative effect on your mood too. One of the most simple ways to brighten up your home is with a good quality, bright bulb,' says Georgina Horspool, Lighting Designer at Alexander Joseph

'Old and dirty bulbs are known to release less light, so pick yourself up a new one or give your old bulb a good clean and your home will feel instantly brighter. We suggest using a white light bulb for a super bright home, or a yellow light bulb for a warm and cosy home.' 

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