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Inspired by Joanna Gaines' gold ceiling in Fixer Upper? Interiors experts reveal how to make it work

Embrace the most luxurious of the metallic tones for an instant impression of warmth and light

dining room with gold ceiling by joanna gaines
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A recent episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home saw hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines renovate a neglected home in Waco – a property that Chip had had his eye on for 10 years. The pair decorated the entire house in their signature modern farmhouse style, but it was the dining room that had the wow factor, with a statement gold ceiling.

Given that the pair planned to sell this property, it was this dining room idea was a punchy move. Personally, we're loving the glamor the gold ceiling and moldings lend to this sophisticated space. 

Thinking of going gold? We salute you. Here's what two experts in interiors and paint have to say on the trend.

joanna gaines in dining room with gold ceiling

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Kate Watson-Smyth, author of the Mad About The House books and founder of the blog of the same name, loves a gold ceiling. 'The ceiling is so often forgotten about; painted white and then ignored,' she begins. 

'But it is also the fifth wall and deserves to be treated as a feature in its own right. Paint is the single most transformative tool you can buy and a gold ceiling, which can be achieved in a few hours, is perfect affordable opulence.'

The homes writer and podcaster speaks from experience, having painted the ceiling of her former study gold. 'While the walls were painted a very pale pink that was calming and relaxing, the ceiling, seen only when glancing heavenwards and hoping for divine inspiration, provided exactly that,' says Kate. 

dining space designed by joanna gaines

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If you're thinking of embracing gold on your own ceiling, Kate has a word of advice. She says you must remember to relate it to the rest of the room – through the use of gold or brass decor pieces.  

Kate suggests a lampstand or the inside of a shade, as seen in Joanna Gaines' gold-ceilinged dining room (above). Alternatively, a couple of candlesticks will mean the ceiling is a considered element of the room and not just a random quirk, adds Kate.

Joanna Gaines has incorporated plenty of gold accents to ensure the gold ceiling communicates with the rest of the home. In the casual living room (below), the gold ceiling can be glimpsed through the gold-framed mirror. 

Throw in the golden lights and curtain rails and there's a real sense of cohesion.

casual living room from fixer upper with gold accents

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If you're considering where else your gold ceiling should go, Rob Green, co-founder of COAT Paints recommends using gold in the most sociable spaces of your home for a dramatic impact. 'If you're going for statement gold then you've got to show it off,' he comments. 

He says that if your dining room or living room is bright with plenty of natural light, then that's even better. 'Particularly if you have good ceiling height - get your lighting right and you'll spend your days just staring at the ceiling,' says Rob. 

'Add moldings to further amplify the space and finish off your visual feast.' As living room paint ideas go, you can't get more glamorous than a gold ceiling. Will you be embracing gold in your home?

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