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Why Joanna Gaines is keeping her Thanksgiving table centerpiece low

This is how the Magnolia designer does Thanksgiving, and Nate Berkus follows the same technique

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Thanksgiving is nearly upon us – and there is more to prepare than just the turkey. Instead, Joanna Gaines has reminded us of one of the most important (if not the most important) elements of the holiday: the table setting. 

Your Thanksgiving table allows you to showcase your personality and make a statement to all who celebrate in your home, so how can you ensure you get it right? Advice from the Waco-based designer is the best place to start. 

In the discussion of thanksgiving table decor ideas on her blog, Joanna urges you to keep your centerpieces low – for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Here, she shares what you need to know before that all-important table dressing process. 

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas with a pine foliage runner with floral centerpiece and candles

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'When we're gathering around the table, I like to keep the centerpiece low,' the designer begins. 'This way, guests can easily see everyone at the table, and there is plenty of room to place the food.'

Keeping your centerpieces low will ensure your guests can focus on the food and the conversation – but how do you make a statement with smaller features? Designer Nate Berkus has similarly shared his thanksgiving decor ideas that further complement Joanna's teachings. 

In his blog, Nate suggests that the secret to the perfect table begins with the flowers. 

Thanksgiving table decor with fall leaf

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'Just keep it simple and clean – when you're picking your flowers, buy all the same type or all the same color. I especially love roses or hydrangeas, always in white,' he begins. 

Instead of over-complicating your table with an abundance of colors, Nate suggests choosing a dozen roses of the same shade before cutting them short in a tumbler that won't overpower the space. 'They look a lot more elegant than anything with baby's breath or lots of colors,' the designer writes. 

Sharing his dining table decor ideas, Nate recommends choosing a short vase, such as a juice glass, that will allow you to build a mound of flowers on your table. 'Just start from the outside and work inwards,' he says. 'You'll know it's ready when the arrangement looks as tightly packed as possible.'

Fall table setting for Thanksgiving day party, close-up

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We have one day left to invest in small candle holders and tumblers for our flowers. The race against the clock begins now.

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