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Kate Middleton is a fan of this house plant trend – interiors experts share how to mirror this elegance in your home

Designers respond to the royally-approved trend that will shape our interiors this season

Kate Middleton' house plant trend, greenery in Kensington Palace
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The indoor jungle trend has moved beyond Instagram and taken on its most notable admirers to date – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The royal couple has showcased their support for this natural trend after sharing images of their living room in Amner Hall, Norfolk. 

Pictures show the country home decorated in a sophisticated cream color palette paired with large statement greenery. It is, perhaps, unsurprising that the Duke and Duchess have embraced the jungle plant trend, as they, like all of us, have looked to bring elements of the great outdoors into their home. 

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Kate Middleton' house plant trend

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There are also further benefits to this bold organic trend, as Martin Waller, Founder of design brand Andrew Martin shares: ‘As we are being faced every day with the collapse of our ecological climate, there seems to be increasing interest in all things natural. This, of course, has translated into interiors trends.

‘Since ancient times, we have endeavored to combine our living spaces with elements of the natural world. The theory of biophilia suggests that, as humans, we have inherited an instinctive need to connect with nature. Bringing these elements into our home will help to reinforce that connection, boosting our mood and helping us to feel more grounded,’ Martin adds. 

Kate Middleton' house plant trend, large tropical plant

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If you want to inject this statement trend into your home with the same elegance as the Duke and Duchess, we rounded up tips from some of our most trusted experts, who reveal everything you need to remember. 

1. Introduce organic materials alongside house plants

House plants - luxury home design

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In continuing in his exploration of the trend’s population, Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin, shared his unconventional suggestion in embracing the jungle plant craze: ‘House plants are an obvious way to [feel more grounded], but look for other organic materials such as wood or marble incorporated into pieces of furniture, as well as natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.

‘Even visual reminders of nature are said to have an impact, so photographic prints are a great addition to [a] gallery wall,’ Martin suggests. 

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2. Add personality with interesting planters

House plants

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New York-based interior designer Tara Benet responded to the trend by offering her plant suggestions that will mirror this royal elegance in your home. 

‘I always suggest placing large varieties – such as fiddle fig leaf or bird of paradise in otherwise empty corners,’ she began. 

Tara continued, sharing how we should dress these plants to add personality and a hint of ‘warmth’ into your interiors. 

‘Finding interesting planters is a great way to bring additional visual interest into your space. I am even a fan of placing them into woven baskets, which add a warm, natural element,’ Tara adds. 

3. Create a focal point with a striking indoor tree

Houseplants - scale in interior design

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‘Plants and trees in home decor bring so much to a beautiful design scheme,’ Rande Leaman shares, in her admiration of the wild decor craze to overtake Kensington Palace

‘I love bringing the outdoors inside, and there’s no better and easier way to do that than through a generous sprinkling of greenery throughout a room. Large trees can be a gorgeous focal point next to a sofa or tucked in the corner of a living room.’

The designer then offered her personal tips for exhibiting plants across your furnishings whilst re-emphasizing the natural benefits of this bold trend.

‘When styling bookshelves, I place plants among books, art, and accessories for a lush, collected look. Plants bring a personal touch to any style space and have the added benefit of keeping our air cleaner.’

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We didn’t need much persuading in bringing this royally-admired craze in our homes, but after this expert advice, we’re entirely sold. It’s time we all follow in the Duke and Duchess’ footsteps and embrace the wild beauty of indoor jungles.  

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