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Marie Kondo's home office storage idea sparks confusion amongst her followers, but we think it's a real hit

The tidying up guru Marie Kondo seems to like a little bit of clutter after all

Photos on a noticeboard
(Image credit: Graham & Green)

Marie Kondo has been on our minds lately. What with all of us who are able to working from home, many of us in lockdown and a huge number of us looking for creative ways to focus our energies, we have been wondering how to juggle all this clutter-building productivity and keep our homes the neat, restful havens we need them to be right now. 

And it's here we turn to Ms Kondo and her KonMari method – which has really come into its own in saving our sanity – for neat home office ideas, particularly around storage. 

However, tidying everything away is not always the best option for making a house feel like a home – and Marie Kondo seems to agree – to the confusion of some of her Instagram followers.

A case in point: a recent post from Marie Kondo about home office wall organization that sparks joy but, more importantly, creativity, too. The post, below, highlights how not everything has to be perfect to be, well, perfect. She demonstrates, in fact, that just a little carefully curated clutter can actually be a joyful display that begets creativity in itself. 

This wall grid with pretty watercolors by @yeeleng_t is a happy mix of practicality and display, clutter and clear space. So whether you're using your home office – or the corner of any room – to work from home or tackle more creative projects, such as writing, crafting, drawing or painting, this is a wonderful example of what you can do. 

'Are you the type who can tap into your creativity more easily once you've tided up, or the type who is more creative in the midst of clutter? No matter which you are, the tidying process will help you discover the kind of joyful workspace that makes your creativity bloom,' says Marie Kondo below her post of this picture.

This left many of her followers wondering if the workspace above was a 'before' or 'after' shot – with some deciding it was 'before' Marie had reorganized it. If you ask us, it's perfect as it is – and that's what we took Ms Kondo to mean, too.

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