These outdoor plants can increase the value of your home – and your chances of selling

It turns out that we all judge a book by its cover when buying a new home.

If you have ever walked past a home and 'stopped to smell the roses', you'll recognise the importance of a beautifully manicured front garden. But what can you do to make sure your front garden secures your home sale?

A report found that 67% of people are more inclined to view a house if the garden is up to scratch, as it means less work and better views. Following this information, they were keen to discover which outdoor plants make potential buyers more likely to purchase a house.


Surveying 3,400 people, OnBuy’s Garden Furniture sector presented images of 20 similar-looking houses with different plants in the front garden and asked respondents to rank the houses from most to least desirable.


Hydrangeas rank first, with 78% choosing them as most desirable. The bold flowers are perfect as the ever-changing blooms bring a new sense of character to the front garden. Although their gorgeous appearance can seem high maintenance, with the correct care, they are fairly easy to grow.

Best outdoor plants

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

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In second place are lilies; these minimal effort flowers caught the eye of 71% of potential buyers, who think it makes a home’s exterior more attractive. The flowers return year after year and require minimal care, so they’re definitely worth planting.

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Lavender is the third most desired choice, with the fragrant flowering plant attracting 64% of respondents’ attention. The Mediterranean evergreen shrub repels bugs due to its fragrance and it’s easy to grow, as long as it is kept away from moist, wet areas.

The secret to having a garden that appeals to more of your senses is to choose scented flowers that bloom at different times of the year, and give perfume at different times of the day. For example, lavender planted on either side of a path is popular for good reason as you brush the blooms as you pass and so release the scent.

Best outdoor plants

(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)


Another popular choice was shrub roses as they bring a country feel to the home, ranking as the fourth most desirable front garden plant.

Best outdoor plants

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

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A gorgeous heady mixture of sweetness and space, it will fill your home home and garden with its fragrant scent. Superb as an indoor potted plant or outside on your patio, the mimosa will flower profusely throughout February and March each year.

Best outdoor plants

(Image credit: Amateur Gardening)


Blooming from early spring until late autumn, the spectacular petunia will perform its heart out in pots, baskets and mixed containers.

Best outdoor plants


The exquisite perfume produced by this pretty lilac when in flower makes it worth growing alone – your lilac tree will not only catch the eye, but also the nose.

(Image credit: Lucinda Symons)


The must-have evergreen for topiary fans. A compact habit, dense, glossy foliage, and an ability to bounce back from a hard prune, it is easy to understand why these are favoured by many. Keep it simple with pyramids and spheres, or get creative with your clipped creations.

(Image credit: Judith Everitt)


The Royal Horticultural Society has had a long and distinguished association with orchids – in fact its founder, Sir Joseph Banks, effectively invested the hanging basket as a means of growing them.

Best outdoor plants

(Image credit: Robert Sanderson)


Bring back memories of sunny Mediterranean holidays with this aromatic evergreen. Rosmarinus derives from the latin meaning ‘dew of the sea’ and was said to have been worn by Aphrodite as she stepped out of the ocean.

Best outdoor plants

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

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Interestingly, six out of the top 10 front garden plants are recommended by feng shui experts due to their positive effects on the home and body. It appears that Brits have jumped on the trend, as Feng Shui related google searches have increased by 1,450% in the last 12 months.

OnBuy found that 67% are more inclined to view a house if the garden is up to scratch and 1 in 5 believe it is among the most important features of a home. When asking what they look for in a front garden, 53% stated that easily maintained plants are important as it can be difficult to keep on top of. Only 24% would be willing to upkeep their garden more than once per week.