Phil Spencer shares the one thing you should never do when selling a house

Speed up the process of relocating with this useful Phil Spencer house selling tip

Phil Spencer house selling tip
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When it comes to selling a home, the process can often take longer than we like. However, if you want to hurry things along, heed this Phil Spencer house selling tip that could make all the difference to find your home a new owner quickly. 

Speaking on series three of the Move IQ podcast, he shared his advice on the one thing you should never do when trying to sell a home. When selling a home it is a good idea to give the wall a fresh coat of paint, but stay away from anything too bright... or even an on-trend pink, he warns. 

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Phil Spencer's house-selling tip


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'Don't have a pink wall,' the property expert explains. 'It's great to have a pink wall or a really intense piece of decoration when you're living in your home. But when it comes to selling, it's got to appeal to the widest number of people possible.'

If you are considering giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, Phil suggests opting for a straightforward magnolia shade. 

'No one walks into a home and says "I hate magnolia walls, I'm not buying the house",' he adds. 'They may go, "well that's a bit dull but I could paint it".'

It is important to show your home some love and care when trying to sell. However, avoiding any decoration that is too personal is Phil’s parting advice. 

'If a buyer is walking around a house and noticing personal effects or shocking wallpaper, it means they're not spending their time noticing the bricks and mortar. The space. The layout,' he explains. 

You only have a small window to impress potential buyers. If you want someone to get that 'this is home' feeling, you want to create a space they can imagine themselves living in.

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Phil Spencer's simple changes for a quick sale

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After 20 years presenting Location, Location, Location on Channel 4, Phil has first-hand experience about what factors will sway a house buyer. He has even rescued many homes struggling to sell in his 2012 show Phil Spencer: Secret Agent.

'In my experience when it comes to selling a home the easiest wins are a coat of paint throughout and fresh carpets,' he explains. 'If not fresh carpets, professionally cleaned carpets. Clean your house from top to bottom, make it gleam.'

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Remember, no matter how much you love the color pink – if you're selling up, save it for your new home. 

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