Shania Twain has mastered the intricate art of 'dark space styling' – and designers love the results

A look inside the singer's moody living room encourages us all to go to the dark side, the way the experts intended

Shania Twain
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We understand – dark painted spaces aren't for everyone. But a look inside Shania Twain's moody living room could convince anyone to retract – and move to the dark side. 

The Canadian-born singer, who primarily resides in Corseaux, Switzerland, offered a glimpse inside her beautifully dark living space – via a podcast with British journalist Louis Theroux. 

'More than two hours of intimate, funny, insightful, and moving conversation, which we have painstakingly crafted into an interview that lasts a little over an hour. Thank you, Shania, for being so gracious and generous with your time,' Louis shared alongside a snippet of their interview. 

In the backdrop, we can see more of the singer's dark living room that appears to flow into an open-plan kitchen. The space exhibits deep dark blue paint and striking dark wooden features that are as dramatic as they are soothing. 

With its dark blue and brown palette, we could argue that Shania Twain's room is a risk – however, when done right, these bold choices can elevate our homes in ways we may never have expected. But how can we nail this look? San Antonio-based designer Melissa Fields recommends following Shania's example and incorporating a lighter color to provide some contrast. 

'Unless you're going for a monochromatic look, adding a lighter color ensures the space doesn't feel cave-like. The contrast will balance out the darkness of the space,' she says. 

Of course, if we want to create a moody space, we will inevitably want to incorporate dark furniture – just as Shania has done with her wooden decor and deep red chair. However, adding a lighter color, such as her cream lamp and ceiling light, is the key to perfectly-balanced success. 

Melissa Fields
Melissa Fields

Melissa is a certified residential interior designer (RIDQC) and founder and CEO of Shades of Gray Design Studio, based in San Antonio Texas. She aims to create clean, luxe, and unique spaces that blend luxury and comfort while promoting and reflecting her client's personalities. 

Accessories aside, Melissa also suggests accenting as much natural light as possible in a dark room. This will ensure the room doesn't feel cave-like – but instead, strikes the perfect balance between airy and cocooning. 

Study with dark walls and plaid sofa

(Image credit: Aimée Mazzenga)

'Ensure that the space has windows that allow natural light to come inside. Keep drapery light not just in terms of color but also fabric,' Melissa explains.

'If the room does not have ample natural light, create it artificially by layering the lighting. Don't just have one source of light (the ceiling), but incorporate floor lamps, table lamps, or even pendant light fixtures,' just like in the room above. 

For the perfect starting point, we've found a lamp similar to hers on Etsy.

Philips table lamp – $114.69 on Etsy

Philips table lamp – $114.69 on Etsy
Designed in the Netherlands, this table lamp may be vintage, but it has a strikingly modern aesthetic – complete with a white base and white lampshade.
From the inside, it is golden, which creates a nice warm light effect similar to the one seen on Shania's dresser. 

'Dark painted living spaces are more calming and restful, but they're also more cozy and inviting,' Melissa comments.  And, of course, they stand out from the rest. Most design trends involve white and light colors; however, darker rooms stand out for a reason.'

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