'I cannot stress the importance of curb appeal enough': Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan's secrets revealed

The Oppenheim Group agent sat down with H&G to discuss the importance of first impressions – and what her clients do to impress

Emma Hernan
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Famed real estate agency The Oppenheim Group employs some of the most famous realtors in Los Angeles, including Emma Hernan. 

The Boston native, known for her role on Netflix's Selling Sunset, deals with the most luxurious properties in California – and naturally – her career has left her with a wealth of experience about the best way to add value to a home that we can replicate far beyond the Golden State. 

'I cannot stress the importance of curb appeal enough,' Emma says in an exclusive interview with H&G.' I have pulled up to a house and had buyers say that they don't even want to look inside based on the curb appeal. It's everything.' 

As a specialist in million-dollar homes, it may be hard to believe that curb appeal tricks observed by Emma are translatable to many other properties across the US (and worldwide) – but the agent's top tip is affordable and accessible to almost all homeowners. 

Emma Hernan

(Image credit: Jason Kent)

'I would recommend adding some planters – I always say to add planters, not only because it adds some green lush, but also because they offer a sense of privacy, and I do think that privacy is really important as well,' Emma says.

Emma Hernan
Emma Hernan

Selling Sunset star Emma Hernan is the go-to agent for many luxury home buyers and sellers, both across the US and internationally. Alongside her place in the real estate industry, Emma has a rich background as an entrepreneur and angel investor – simultaneously serving as the CEO of her successful food company. 

When it comes to high-end front yard landscaping, you would be forgiven for thinking that ordinary planters would not make a huge difference. However, as Emma explains, these pockets of greenery have an impact on that all-important first impression among potential buyers. 'You get a lush, luxurious feeling to a property just by adding some planters, hedging, or anything along those lines.'

Planters aside, Emma also reminds us of the eternal power of a freshly-painted front door – and how your chosen hues matter. 

'A fresh coat of front door paint goes a long way,' Emma says. 'I help any client landscape design their home when they're selling. Curb appeal is so important.'

Light blue front door on house with white siding open to hall and staircase

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As Emma suggests, it is worth re-painting your door and porch when looking to see, but which front door color adds the most value? Lick's color psychologist Tash Bradley recommends opting for light blue tones – saying that the style appears 'approachable and relaxed' and is particularly sought-after among those looking for an 'easy-going family home.' 

Tash Bradley

Over the past decade, Tash Bradley has specialized in color and interior design, working alongside her mother in property development and home decoration while studying interior design. She completed a degree at Advanced Color Methods for Industry Professionals in applied Psychology of Color and is the director of interior design at the international paint brand Lick.

Additionally, black is a timeless choice that she says will always appear stylish and elegant – and hold a sense of mystery.

'The exterior of a house plays a huge part in how you feel and interact within your space,' Tash adds. 'If you're selling your home, you want the first glimpse to fill your potential buyers with joy. Think about how a buyer would feel when they see your front door; what emotion does it spark? Colors are a powerful way of delivering emotion, and selecting the right color can really make an impact and tell a story about what's to come inside.'

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